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TV: Friends, CSI, Joan of Arcadia, Alias, Tarzan, Everwood
California bear
Yikes! It's been awhile since I've talked about TV. So, instead of a massive update, is going to summarize caveman style. Oh yeah, spoilers below for last week's Friends, CSI, Joan of Arcadia, Tarzan and this week's Alias (last Sunday was still this week, right?) & Everwood.

Friends -- funny. Spray on tan = hilarious hijinks for Ross. Joey + Rachel = too good of friends to be anything more. :-( Monica, Phoebe try to ditch fake British friend, they fight, they get over it.

CSI -- Really gross mummy woman found in closet. Brutal attack on family results in death of teenage girl. I still don't know why I am watching.

Joan of Arcadia -- so much fun! Joan tries to play chess. I still really love this show. Everyone watch it! CBS Fridays 9/8 Central.

Alias -- Hate Lauren. Vaughn = meh. SpyDaddy rocks! Love Sark! Love Marshall! Don't understand why they couldn't figure out the picture was Sydney. Love Sloane! Alias = rock!

Tarzan (the premiere) -- I thought I was going to be a little bit cooler than it actually was. I will get into details later.

Everwood -- I loved the foreshadowing into Amy's eventual suicide attempt. (No, I'm not spoiled -- I just know TV.) I hope that she does die, or I could even go with like comatose Amy. It's all good. I love Delia. I miss Edna. Where is she? Is Linda is sucking up all of her screen time? Hmmmmm....

I'm looking forward to Gilmore girls tonight. Woo hoo!! I'm still staying with One Tree Hill even though it's a little boring and I hate about one third of the characters on the show. Tristan = pretty. Yum. I can't wait to see what the WB theme is going to be for tonight. Oh, WB. Sometimes, you are just too funny. But I love you.

I'm also really hyped for Burbank this November! I even had a dream about it the other night. I can't remember what exactly happened -- but it was fun. It's going to be fun.