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Even more TV: Gilmore Girls, OTH, Smallville, Angel
California bear
Like to call Tuesday and Wednesday night WB-ville.

[GILMORE GIRLS] {spoilers below for the last episode}

Mini-summary: Rory comes home from Yale to do laundry, but ends up getting screamed at by annoying alarms, and getting invited to her ex-boyfriend's wedding. Lorelai jumps through hoops for Taylor in order to get her Inn renovated. Dean has the best bachelor party ever, where he gets drunk at the JCPenney parking lot, and then confesses his eternal love for one Rory Gilmore. Luke convinces Rory (not like it was hard or anything) not to go to Dean's wedding. She doesn't attend, but looks on afterwards with an expression of puppy dog sadness.

Kimmentary: I usually think that Taylor is funny. This episode, I wanted to choke him with his stupid gray cardigan. I am happy that Dean is married, because that means Rory and Dean are finally over. I am kind of angry that they made Dean all, "Rory's the one!" I don't think guys like this should be getting married, especially, when they (themselves) initiate the thing. (This is sort of reminiscent of the Xander/Anya union -- even though Xander asked Anya to marry him, he had doubts that he never even (once) expressed until he left her at the altar. Comparison: Dean asked Lindsey to marry him, even though he still has doubts about their relationship, and on some level, wishes he still were with Rory. Anyway, the Xander thing annoys me to no end.) Blah. I was very happy about seeing Michel again. I'm wondering if Gilmore Girls season four is going to be like Farscape season three. You either have the Yale bunch (Lorelais, Grandparents Gilmore, Paris, sometimes with Luke) or the Stars Hollow crew (Lorelais, Luke, Kirk, Lane, Sookie etc.) just like Moya and Talyn. Not that Gilmore Girls has ever had more than three episodes where all of the cast members were actually in the same episode.

[ONE TREE HILL] {spoilers below for the last episode}

Mini-summary: Mrs. Jerkwad arrives home from her philanthropy work. Nathan has a party for the entire team (including Tristan) at the beach house. At the beach house, Nathan tries flirting with Haley. Tristan tries to have a decent conversation with Peyton. Nathan offers Haley a ride home in Peyton's car, which she grudgingly accepts. On the ride home from dropping her off, Nathan crashes the car. Tristan sees the entire thing, and then tries to cover for his Jerkwad half-brother.

Kimmentary: I would like to know exactly where this town is, because, beach house? Are they coastal? Or does "beach house" mean a house overlooking a lake or something? I'm still really loving Brooke, hating Family Jerkwad (excluding their way nice mom), and generally thinking that CMM is pretty hot. I'm really wondering what the timeline was for Lucas and Nathan's births, how Mrs. Jerkwad became involved, and what happened to the father of Keith and Mr. Jerkwad. How come one kid ended up a complete sociopath, and one ended up really nice?

[THE WB NEW TUESDAY] {spoilers below for last Tuesday night}

The theme for this Tuesday night was... (drumroll, please) "How Much Pointless Stuff Can Happen in Two Days." First, Rory comes home from Yale for the weekend. The only real plot advancement was Rory's haircut. I could argue all the other supposed "plot advancements" as things that could have been either completely avoided (Taylor's hoopfest) or mentioned cavalierly in the next episode (Dean's marriage). Next, we have the Beach House Party, where the only real character development happens to Haley... and even that is just a continuation of what happened last week. I'm glad we got the character of Mrs. Jerkwad (whose name is a misnomer). I'm glad Peyton finally broke up with Nathan. Other than that, nothing really happened.

[SMALLVILLE] {spoilers below for the last episode}

Mini-summary: Clark saves Lana and Lex from the clutches of a madman bent on destroying all kryptonite-infected "freaks." Mr. and Mrs. Kent save Clark from a kryptonite bullet wound. Chloe tries to resign her position at the Planet, but Mr. Luthor uses his amazing blackmailing skills against her.

Kimmentary: You know, I can always count on Smallville to be as predictable as my chances for winning the lottery. What I really liked where all the Shoutouts to previous episodes. I was kind of surprised that they didn't mention the JTT twins. But, didn't you just know that gill-boy's best friend was the one that pulled the trigger as soon as the credits came on? And, didn't you know that Lana was going to get attacked at least one more time after the swimming pool incident, so Clark could save her? I know you totally knew that Clark had some type of bulletproof armor on during the second encounter. Raise your hand if you knew Mr. Luthor was going to use blackmailing tactics to get Chloe to stay working for him? This is Smallville: land of the predictable plot devices.

[ANGEL] {spoilers below for the last episode}

Mini-summary: the Angel crew are still trying to figure out how to run The Evil Empire. On a secret mission picnic, they all start to argue about how Gunn might be secretly evil because of his newfound law knowledge. Then, suddenly, Angel hears a scuffle! He goes over and kills a werewolf, but not before the werewolf bites this girl. Ah-oh! The girl gets away! They locate her and lock her up so she doesn't kill anyone. Then, the next day, she gets kidnapped! People want to eat her! No! Kim can't stop using exclamation points! Then, guess what? Did you just say, "Angel finds and saves her?" You are so smart! Oh yeah, Spike walks around forlornly saying, "I don't want to go to the bad place!"

Kimmentary: Once again, Angel has just about zero remorse for killing a human (the werewolf), and has absolutely no problem with turning over a semi evil scientist over to an even wickeder chef to be eaten. Just as long as the damsel in distress he wants protect is OK, he gets to kill whomever he wants. Well, that seems to be the theme for this season, anyway. OK, so someone is cooking rare demon food and werewolf is on the menu, show of hands who wants to eat raw werewolf flesh? This plot sort of reminded me of the 1980s movie "The Freshman" with Matthew Broderick and Marlon Brando, where they have a diners club and Komodo dragon is on the menu. The movie was much better done than this episode.

[THE WB WEDNESDAY] {spoilers below for yesterday night}

Again, the theme for Wednesday seems to be remorseless killing of humans. First, with Smallville: Van McNulty doesn't even bat an eyelash after killing his best friend of three years. Secondly, with Angel. No one seems to mind that Angel didn't even try to save the other werewolf, just as long as the pretty girl doesn't die. Personally, I hated the girl. I was hoping that diners club would finish her off. She was boring, her remorse seemed a little bit forced and unnatural, and I didn't even like her sister or her niece. But, anyway, yeah, remorseless killing.

[CRAZY QUIZ] {may contain spoilers for Gilmore Girls, OTH, Smallville and Angel}

Poll #192715 The WB

Besides Taylor, the Gilmore Girl character you would most like to slap is:

Miss Patty

You watch OTH because...

Chad Michael Murray is hot
It's the WB, you are powerless
It's actually interesting
You don't.

The next person to find out about Clark's alien status should be...

No one... he should keep a secret forever.

In your opinion, Spike is

Hot! You are glad he's on Angel!
Annoying! Get him of your screen now!
OK to look at, but not the main reason you watch Angel
Funny! You could watch him every week.
Meh. You are undecided at this point.