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Weekend update, fire stuff
I had a rather eventful weekend. On Friday, I saw Runaway Jury with my friend Cecilia. I thought it was brilliant. My infinite admiration to John Cusack, Dustin Hoffman and Rachel Weisz -- excellent performances all around. Having never read the book it was based on, I was in suspense the entire way through.

Saturday I saw Scary Movie 3 and Secondhand Lions. The first was completely ridiculous, but great for a good laugh -- actually, a good couple of laughs. The latter is going to be a classic. Plus, it has Christian Kane in it. Yummy Lindsay! I was pretty shocked when he started kissing Emmanuelle Vaugier, probably more notably recognized as Mrs. Helen Luthor from the good show Smallville.

After the movie, I went with my sister to Moreno Valley to watch my old high school band perform in a marching band competition. They did very well! I also got to say hi to my old drum instructor Rich, so that was pretty cool. I really wanted to watch Riverside community college perform (because they rock!) but we really had to leave because it was already like 9:30 p.m. -- and we still had to get home (45 minute drive away). I had a very great time. This is the third time (since I've been in California) that I got to see them perform.

Anyway, the fires around here in California are absolutely crazy. My dad got to stay home from work today because he works in San Diego County. We know a family who lost their house. That is just devastating! So far, like 13 people have died because of the fires, and something like over 800 houses have been damaged/destroyed. The air quality is also really horrible. On Saturday, it was like breathing in campfire all day long. It was slightly better Sunday, but it was just as bad as Saturday today. I think there are over like 10 separate fires, and, on average, they are less than 20% contained. I just hope that the winds die down, and that the fires get put out before they can hurt anyone else.

If I had to suddenly leave, and I could only rescue one item, it would have to be my computer. Most of my family's pictures and stuff have been scanned in, and like everything I do is contained within the hard drive. I would be really sad if I lost my pictures. But, hopefully, we won't have to evacuate or anything, because I would try to take all of my DVDs, CDs and tapes as well. Right now, I really love all my stuff. I love you, computer! I love you, pretty DVD collection! I love you, all of my TV shows on tape! I love you, glorious CD collection! Most of all, I love my beautiful family and friends, though. *basks in gratefulness*

So, it looks like I'm going to be donating to charity again. I think I'll pick someone else besides Red Cross this time. You would not believe how much mail I've gotten from them since I donated for 9/11. So, I think I'm going to go for Salvation Army, maybe. But, I wouldn't be surprised if I actually donated to Red Cross again. Who knows how much more mail I will get in the future if I donate to Salvation Army, as well.

Anyway, I hope all my other little Southern Californians are OK.