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A quick update
California bear
Well, here's some good news: my throat doesn't hurt anymore! The bad news is that the sore throat turned into this wicked cold which I have been battling for the past week. But, the good news is I would much rather have a wicked cold than a yucky sore throat, and I can therefore have a much better attitude about the sickness.

I got my new little camera on Wednesday! I was most pleased because the FedEx web site it said it wasn't expected until Thursday. Anyway, it is really pretty, and really small. It's so cute! And it takes still pictures with a flash! I have mentioned that it is cute? I spent a lot of Wednesday reading through the owner's manual -- which is something that I've never really done before; I usually go for the "press a button and see what it does" approach with electronics.

Since I have a big stuffed up nose, it's also been harder to dictate to my computer, but what can you do.

Friday I went shopping at Wal-Mart and had fun. Such good stuff at that store, sometimes. I had to get a foam pad for the hotel room bed for when I go to Burbank -- $7.94! My dad also tried to switch computers for me, but my new computer ended up having a faulty motherboard, so we had to switch everything back to my old computer. I now have the DVD burner in my computer, but so far we haven't successfully tested it. A lot of yesterday was spent trying to burn most of my videos to a DVD, but at the last second it decided to have a power something error so I ended up wasting about six hours of my day.

Random animal fact: did you know that Simon and Garfunkel songs make dairy cows produce 3% more milk? It's true; I learned that on Animal Planet yesterday.