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List-type update
Well, I want to do a major update before I go on my Burbank trip, but I think I will just make a list. I don't have enough energy to think of clever segues for each thing I want to talk about right now.

  1. My sore throat/cold has turned into a major cough-fest. I'm appreciating my sickness for making me realize how awesome it is to be well, but I'm hoping that it will die down for my trip.

  2. I got my VividCon DVDs in the mail Saturday. I think I've watched like five videos.

  3. I have so much TV on my PVR right now that really needs to be put on tapes. Most are shows from this season, but I also have the last five episodes of Buffy on there. I just can't find the motivation to watch those again. Also, I can't seem to make myself tape the first episodes of this season's Gilmore Girls. I hate Rory and Lorelai.

  4. I also heard that Tarzan is on the road to cancellation, which does not surprise me. Logically, it doesn't make sense for Jane to want to hook up with Tarzan. I think that a lot of people like me have trouble bending their minds around that.

  5. I spent hours and hours of work with my music video awards site this last weekend. It would be so much easier if I didn't insist on writing the HTML from scratch, but what can you do. I was really sad I had to disqualify some videos for not complying to the rules, but the rules are there for a reason. I feel bad when I have to get all anal about it.

  6. I heard that John Cusack and Britney Spears were hooking up. Please let it be lies.

  7. I thought this latest episode of Alias was the best episode of the season (so far). Is it me, or is Vaughn just not as hot unless he is helping Sydney out? Anyway, it was the best episode so far, and I can't wait (for two weeks) until the next episode. Rock!

  8. Everwood is still being really awesome. I don't particularly like Madison, and I'd rather listen to silverware in a garbage disposal than her singing. But I'm really glad that Amy is going to (try to) commit suicide really soon. Fun times! Now that's drama! Why can't stuff like this happen on Gilmore Girls?

  9. I wish I didn't suck so much with instant messaging. I just really value my Internet time as my own. Every time I get on instant messaging with Yahoo, all these strangers think they can just talk to me, and I'm like, "sorry, can't talk." And it makes me feel rude, when I'm not really on to talk to strangers; I want to talk to either my friends that I know, or sometimes I put Yahoo on so I can be notified of when I get a new e-mail.

  10. I didn't get a chance to send out personal Halloween cards -- we just got the family cards sent out. I think I'll have to try for Thanksgiving. My goal last year was to thank the people that don't really get a lot of thanks for the jobs that they do -- like the people who kill cows and chickens so that I can eat hamburgers and chicken sandwiches, and the garbage man, and the sewer repair people, and the farmers, and... well, the list goes on. Unfortunately, I couldn't find an address anywhere for slaughterhouses. I don't know where to look, either. Anyway, I'm going to try again this year. Plus, I want to send out cards to all of my friends.

  11. I have been listening to a really great artist (Johnny Global) and really wishing he would come up with new stuff for me to listen to! I also think that his music is a perfect match to be on the show Alias. I have also been into Second Coming for the past couple of days. Good stuff!

Thus, endeth my list.