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Farscape convention update: Part II
Well, when last I was telling the story of the Farscape convention, everyone was at the daily grill. There, we were joined by the beautiful waterbearers, who had seen our note and found us. Lovely dinner conversation followed. There was a waiter at the daily grill who had fabulous Hugo Weaving eyebrows. Also, I think he might have been an international spy; he kept looking around suspiciously.

Doesn't this totally look like that spy waiter?

After eating, we went and saw Lani Tupu, who is looking good. His hair was short, unlike last year, had he was significantly more mellow. Perhaps his hair is the source of his wiliness. One person did ask him to talk in his pilot voice, but other than that, I can't really remember what he spoke about. I really wanted to tape the whole thing secretly, but my camcorder was not working -- I blame Creation. I also asked if it would be OK for all my friends to come and sit with me since there was only one other person in the "special needs" section, and the tall Creation Lady, who I had pegged as the nice one, told me they couldn't. I tried all my arguments -- but pretty soon I was in this tired loop of words with her.

Me: Hey, can all my friends sit with me?
Creation Lady: how many friends?
Me: like five or six.
Creation Lady: no, that really wouldn't be fair.
Me: why not?
Creation Lady: well, your seats are rather good seats, and your friends didn't pay for them.
Me: there's nobody else sitting there; there's two rows of empty seats.
Creation Lady: well, that's not really the point. The point is getting what you paid for.
Me: don't you think it's kind of a punishment for me that I don't get to sit next to my friends?
Creation Lady: your friends didn't pay to have a seat that good. It's not about being fair to "special needs" people, it's about being fair to everyone else.
Me: fine, if that's the way it's going to be.

And that was a short recap of the conversation.

After Lani, we all went up to the suite where we watched Joan of Arcadia and attempted to watch Thumb Wars during commercials (which didn't really work out). It was a great episode. Then, we watched Say Anything, and I was reminded of my hatred toward the character of Diane Court. And then, I can't really decide if I hate Diane Court or if I just really don't like the way Ione Skye played her.

Then I went to my hotel room and watched Jay Leno, and was surprised to see corngirl_jo in one of the segments. It was pretty cool. My mom couldn't believe it when I told her I knew the girl in the bandanna. ;-)

I'm getting really tired of recapping, so I'm going to continue Saturday of the convention a different day. My cough was really bad a couple of days ago, but I'm feeling pretty good today for the first time in a long while. Also, my sister tested (successfully) for second-degree blackbelt yesterday. How cool is that?