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Farscape convention update: Part III
Saturday at the Farscape convention!

I started my day by getting a phone call from careyleah asking if I wanted to go to brunch. I talked it over with the parents, and then agreed to coming. What I didn't know, was that I was going to get almost hopelessly lost with my dad, and then spend a lot of time walking/rolling to this griddle place. It really wasn't so bad for me, but my dad really hates getting lost so it put him in a very bad mood.

However, once I got there, and everything things started looking up. I got to meet Shannon (who, for some reason, was very familiar -- have I met her before? I don't know; it seems like I might have). Everyone (juliedarling, careyleah, waterbearers, mogley and Shannon) were very all about the breakfast selection, but since I don't really like breakfast foods for breakfast, I got a chicken club sandwich, and I ordered two for my parents. My dad bailed after making sure I was safely inside -- he was all bad moody. We had fun talking about all sorts of things, nothing comes to mind right now at 1 a.m., but they were very interesting and funny things. After brunch, we got back to the hotel and I went up to make sure my parents were going to be OK with lunch and everything.

Then I went downstairs to see Rockne speak. I wish I could remember more what he said, but seriously all I remember is what he looked like -- which I would call sophistically handsome. I also seem to recall that he was well spoken and seemed very intelligent.

The two days I went to the convention I was very happy that no gratuitous excuses for pictures or hugs were asked for by the fans (excepting that one weird guy who asked Virginia to spank him) and no Roswell awards were given! I was surprised that Paul Goddard mentioned that he liked watching Roswell, though. I mean, I like watching Roswell (most of the time) and I would never categorize the show under "good sci-fi" -- I would categorize it either in "guilty pleasures" or "funny cheese."

I really can't remember what happened after Rockne spoke. It was either Claudia and Ben or John Quixote commentary. No, wait, it might have been casting for the scene thing. I actually enjoyed it last year because my gothic boy was in it, but I really didn't care about any of the people in it this year, so I was very uninterested. Anyway, I'm going to call this good for now since I am rapidly losing coherence. I will write more tomorrow.

Edited to change Shannon's name to Shannon instead of Janet. Thanks, Jenifer!

Last Wednesday's Smallville
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