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Farscape convention: part IV
I'm going to be brief on my last installment of the Farscape convention update.

Anyway, Saturday was great because we got to see Claudia, Ben and Gigi, Paul, and Ricky. I think we also saw Raelee, David Franklin and Jonathan Hardy.

Claudia: I really enjoy hearing her speak because first of all, she has this really exquisite accent and it's really endearing. Secondly, she sang to us! She has a very lovely voice and I seriously would not mind buying a CD of her singing her 10 favorite songs. It was also great to see her and Ben onstage together because you can tell that they both really appreciate and trust each other; plus, they are so dang cute!

Ben: I loved hearing him speak, and listening to some of his comments during John Quixote. He's got this great seventies hair thing going on, but it's all good.

Commentary on John Quixote: I was really glad that Gigi was commenting, because I missed her last year and I didn't want to miss her again. They were all very cute watching the show together.

Raelee, David Franklin and Jonathan Hardy: They really should have had their own time to speak with everyone. Raelee is absolutely adorable. David is hilarious. Jonathan is pretty funny, as well. I had already seen David and Jonathan at the San Diego comic con, but, they did not sing so it was great hearing David sing Elvis and Jonathan sing opera. It was pretty funny that wmpoty and juliedarling both independently got up to ask the exact same question to David.

Now I'm tired of recapping again... but I'm going to push through.

Saturday night: we went to dinner at Outback Steakhouse (we being wmpoty, waterbearers, theanalogkid, mogley, juliedarling, careyleah, Corinne and my parents) I was very happy that we had A.J. in the van with us because otherwise (undoubtedly) we would have probably gotten incredibly lost. I enjoyed a nice 9 oz. steak and baked potato. My mom had chocolate cake for dinner. And, my goodness, was that slice of cake HUGE. I had a great time at dinner.

When we got back to the hotel, we ran into some people who said there was a ticker announcement on CNN that said that Farscape would be back. We were very excited about this news, but then we bumped into Raelee right before we were going on to the elevator. Another fan asked Raelee about this news, and she told us that she knows that the sets are being rebuilt and she was told that there was going to be a redux to the series -- like a conclusionary four hour miniseries. We shared the elevator with Raelee so we can tell those who were not with us about this exciting news.

Jenifer practically bounced from the elevator to the suite because of her excitement. We were all very happy about the news, while at the same time exclaiming that four hours is just simply not enough time to wrap up everything. Anyway, we were all very happy, except for Julie was disappointed that we didn't invite Raelee up for videos and alcohol. :-)

We watched some short Mystery Science Theater 3000 '50's films, and they were very hilarious. Then we watched (and sang along with) The Buffy Musical.

I had to get going after that back to my hotel room. I took a bunch of books, and my candy. Also, for some reason, I ended up having an extra present when I got home (and I know I didn't pack any extras) so, one of you didn't get yours. Just let me know and I will send it to you. I may or may not have brought back mogley's CDs, so if anyone has seen those, let me know!

As soon as I got back to my hotel room, my parents and I checked out of the hotel and drove home. It was around 3:45 a.m. when we made it home. I could have slept on the way home, but I have this sort of irrational fear of falling asleep when I'm in a car, since my accident happened while I was sleeping. Even though I'm a passenger, I think that maybe if I see something I could at least shout and accidents could be avoided, but if I'm asleep I can't do that. It was good to be back in my own bed again, though. I was pretty happy about that, even though I missed the last day of the convention.

I have actually seen Francesca before at the comic con in San Diego, so I wasn't too disappointed to miss her.

Anyway, I was very glad I took this trip. I really don't care all that much about which celebrities attend the convention; they are more like a pleasant side occurrence. I really go so I can hang out with all the cool people I've met over the course of my years on the Internet. Seriously, my friends are the best. They are all well spoken, intelligent and, for those of you I have met, attractive people.

I'm glad I finally have this entry finished! Yay!