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California bear
Happy birthday butterfly!

I also have some pretty good news. I am completely better and over my yucky cough. I have been since Monday. That sickness lasted four weeks. Can you believe that?

I'm really excited about Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday) tomorrow. I actually didn't get everything together in time so I'm not doing Thanksgiving day cards; I'm going to have to send them out as regular holiday cards.

Last year, or was it the year before, I waited by the mailbox and gave the mailman a pecan pie and iced tea because I was very thankful for the mailman. I wish Thanksgiving was more like Christmas -- but what can you do. After Halloween, it's like Christmas time, and poor Thanksgiving almost gets skipped.

Well, happy Thanksgiving everyone! I am very grateful for all of you! And I'm sure I will probably post a list of everything I'm grateful for later on.