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Thanksgiving 2003
I had a very nice Thanksgiving, which is important to me because it happens to be my favorite holiday.

I spent the first part listening to music with my sister Kellie. First we played all the songs she likes listening to, and then we listened to a couple of my favorite songs. I made her listen to "I'll Make a Man Out Of You" from Mulan and I will recap the conversation we had about the song.

Kellie: Wow, the guy that sings this song is really good! He should be a real singer.
Me: Well, he is a real singer.
Kellie: Really?
Me: It's Donny Osmond!
Kellie: Who?
Me: Donny Osmond!
Kellie: {puzzled look}
Me: You know, from Donny and Marie... Osmond.
Kellie: I mean he should make CDs and sing on them and stuff.
Me: {resignedly} Yeah, he should.

Then I observed the preparations of Thanksgiving and partook in the traditional snack on dinner before it's time to eat thing. Dinner was absolutely great. We had turkey and ham and my all-time favorite cheesy potatoes. There was also cheese filled celery sticks, deviled eggs, stuffing, rolls, some fruit marshmallow salad thing, regular salad, cranberry sauce, cranberry juice and orange juice. It was very yummy!

I took a nap after dinner in my chair while pretending to watch my siblings play X-box. A lot of people have the misconception that American Thanksgiving is all about the celebration of essentially slaughtering and conquering the Native American inhabitants. Some even doubt the validity of the original Thanksgiving. Since this happens to be my favorite holiday, I did the research and I found out that the first Thanksgiving was not a myth; pilgrims and Indians did indeed gather for a meal to celebrate their gratitude. The Thanksgiving tradition is actually something that the pilgrims picked up from the Native Americans. These natives actually had such a yearly celebration of thankfulness, and the pilgrims residing in Massachusetts at the time were inspired by this. Anyway, the original Thanksgiving occurred in 1621. In 1789, George Washington set it as a national holiday. It was later repealed as a national holiday (by Adams, if I recall correctly) but was reinstated by Abraham Lincoln in 1863. It was not actually made an official American holiday until 1941. Anyway, that is my spiel on my favorite holiday. I don't think it should have the rough associations because it truly began as a way to share and unite cultures.

OK, so after my nap my family and I went to go see Radio at the cheapy theater, and it was pretty good. I recommend it. Not shockingly, it had me shedding a few tears. After the movie, we came home and ate pie. I had my favorite pie (pink lemonade ice cream pie) and I also had a little bite of apple pie. We also had pumpkin pie, but that stuff makes me kind of sick. Then my parents and my sister keriann and I sat down to play my favorite card game 500. We played three rounds before my friends stella713, chechibean, and their brother Chris came over. We watched a preview for next week's Alias and the Buffy episode "Halloween."

Anyway, I have many things to be thankful for: family, friends, America, California, God, technology, and fortunate circumstances. Basically everything that I am thankful for falls within those seven categories. I would love to expand and be detailed about what am thankful for, but since I am thankful for people who like to read my journal, I won't bore you. :-) YAY! I love Thanksgiving.