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About the poll and a look back into my seventh grade life.
California bear
Well, so far, I have managed to keep my e-mail pact. I've kept up with everything in my inbox, and it feels so good!

I went to a church Christmas party yesterday night, and that was pretty fun. It was an international theme, so they had different types of food from different countries. Not that it was bad, but let me just say that I am glad to live in America.

As for my poll the other day, I was fascinated with the results. Most of you want to correct other people's grammar/spelling, but never really do. Two people thought such behavior is downright wrong, and one of you freely admits to doing it. Myself, I always, barely hold myself back from doing it. Not that I have perfect grammar or anything, but when I commit a blunder of the English language, I would want to know.

Speaking of correcting people's spelling and stuff, let me take you back to my seventh grade year, where such behavior landed me in the principal's office, and counseling. I had this teacher named Mr. Kenning (name not withheld, as he is anything but innocent) who taught American history. Looking back, he probably wasn't the best teacher in the world since the way he taught the civil war to us was by making us watch Gone with the Wind, but I digress. He had the unfortunate habit of misspelling words a lot, and I would always raise my hand and call him on it. I wasn't being malicious or condescending, I was just being 12 years old and a really good speller. Anyway, he didn't like my behavior, but instead of taking me aside and telling me that, I got a note when I was in a different class telling me to come to the principal's office. It was here weren't learned that my innocent spelling suggestions were very mean. I think I had to endure half a dozen counseling sessions with the school counselor, another teacher, and Mr. Kenning present. It's true! I personally thought that I shouldn't have been in the counseling sessions and Mr. Kenning should have been taking spelling classes.

Re: Ross's shirt. I was happily surprised to see that the majority of you (73.3%) got this one correct. Yup, the correct way is "Ross's shirt." I remember this rule from the ninth grade. One syllable words that end in "s" (as well as words that sound like they end in "s") get to have "'s" which is why it is Bridget Jones's Diary. Also included with this bunch are some notable exceptions like "Jesus" and "Moses" -- I know I wouldn't worry about them too much. All other multisyllable (singular) words that end in "s" get the apostrophe added after. Plural forms of words (regardless of syllable) that end in "s" are the same way. Example: The three fishers' hooks. Anyway, enough grammatical lecturing.

Joan of Arcadia tied with Alias for best show of this season. Everwood and The OC get honorable mention. Joan really is an excellent show, so that makes me really happy. I will probably do an extensive post about this show later on.

I don't know why I put that "Mark/Eric/Mike/Milo/Jack" tallest-shortest question on my poll, but everyone answered that one correctly. Milo was the shortest.

I have been shopping online for gifts, and so far I've been pretty lucky. I lost a couple of eBay auctions I really wanted to win, but for the most part, Amazon and Barnes & Noble have been excellent. I love getting free shipping!