December 24th, 2003


Happy Holidays

Last Saturday I saw Return of the King again with my sister faiths_stake. On Monday, I saw it once again with my other sister Kellie. I really liked this movie.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

My grandma just sent me a CD with a bunch of musical numbers that members of my family have done, and that she had recorded. Two of those songs were songs I had written and performed. The recordings aren't that great, but it was cool hearing myself playing the piano and singing again. Which, sort of makes me sad because I miss it so much. I miss playing the piano. I miss writing songs. Even though it is physically possible for me to sing, my voice pretty much lost its clarity and power after the accident. So, I miss that, too.

Sometimes I have dreams where I'm playing the piano, and in my dreams I think to myself, "Gosh, it seems like years since I've last played. I wonder why that is..." I like those dreams, actually. They are much better than the dreams where I'm walking around, and then I realize that I'm really paralyzed, and I find my wheelchair and sit in it. Sorry if this is kind of depressing.

Anyway, on a much brighter note, I leave for your enjoyment, a Christmas song that I helped write the words for. It's basically a parody of Queen's "We Will Rock You" -- but it's good times for all. Merry, Merry Christmas [1.8MB, MP3 format]. Enjoy!