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(no subject)
Hey, I took my assessment test today for English. It was pretty easy. I tested into Freshman Composition (which is the highest thing you can test into), and I learned that my reading comprehension level is at a college-level! Yeah, that was a huge surprise. Anyway, I came home and registered for classes and I also learned that I couldn't take English 103 at the same time as English 101, since 101 is a prerequisite for 103. These are the two classes I need to graduate, and I can't take them at the same time. So it looks like a summer school for Kim. Not cool.

I also wanted to mention that I saw Cheaper by the Dozen today at the theater. I also ate bean burritos from Taco Bell. But, yeah, the movie was pretty cute. I liked it enough.

So far, I'm not doing too terribly well with the New Year's resolutions. And, remember my solemn e-mail pact? That sort of went to the fiery bad place around the first of December which means I already have 100+ e-mails in my inbox mocking me.

I'm making a Smallville music video, which I'm pretty excited about. It's to a song from the Josie and the Pussycats soundtrack, which you may remember ("Three Small Words"). We are trying to be a little bit copycat and a little bit experimental, and so far it's working out pretty cool.

I also got my 160GB hard drive the other day, but it's not hooked up. Or, it is hooked up, but the software to install the drive didn't install correctly or something and so now I have the hard drive in my computer but I can't put anything on it.

Well, big shoutouts to everyone. Especially Kerri-girl, Justin L., Theresa (sorry about the rough times, girl; I feel for you), Barbie, Laurie, keenai and Julie. I would link to everyone, but I'm pretty tired and just want to go to sleep since I've been up since 6 a.m. this morning. Every time I see a post I want to respond to, I just don't have the opportunity/time. Anyway, big love to y'all.