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Little update + really cool poll
California bear
I have had a lot of fun today doing homework, and working on web sites. Well, the web site stuff was a little fun.

So far school = piece of cake. It's been pretty easy. I've had relatively few problems. My tape recorder is malfunctioning right now, and I have no idea why. Also, it looks like I didn't record anything at my last history lecture. I'm not really worried. I don't really use notes the way the people use notes. Even if I had them, I probably wouldn't even look at them. If it's not in my computer, I don't care about it.

Web site stuff has been pretty killer lately, especially since my computer likes to do this new thing where it turns off and starts beeping most ear piercingly for no apparent reason. So, I lost stuff I hadn't saved. That sucks.

Well, I will end with a really cool poll. It's almost time to watch Jeopardy.
really cool pollCollapse )