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What I'm up to.
California bear
I wanted to check-in really quickly. Life is pretty good.

My sister-in-law Jennifer is still in the hospital, and the news is that she will have to have another surgery. The poor girl. She has to stay there for the pain. She has ulcers or maybe a hernia (I can't remember which) in her esophagus. The coming surgery will be number six, or it might be number seven; I wish I could remember. If you could remember to send her happy thoughts or keep her in your prayers, she really needs all the help she can get.

My other siblings are doing well. KeriAnn, Kevin and Kellie are all really busy with work. Kristine just got over a sprained ankle, and now she is getting sick -- you know, mucous and all that Jazz. (Or is it "mucus?") Speaking of mucous-y stuff, my (pretty much) adopted sister Cecilia is really sick with the stuffiness and coughing and sore throat. Kurtis is not doing well (or not as well as he should be doing) with school. It's been like three weeks and he already has a low D in science, which is a subject he actually likes. Last semester, he flunked one or two classes, and my mom called to see if he needed to take summer school or whatever, and the administration actually told her that the grades "don't really matter." Since he did OK on whatever standardized test they have for California, it doesn't matter if he flunks every single class he has. They told her "not to let him know that." Yeah, I'm baffled, too. Katelynne, our other middle schooler, is doing very well. She also recently received some type of gospel in action award from church, which is a real accomplishment.

The parents are doing well, despite my dad's allergies and my mom's arthritis.

I'm supposed to be writing a paper on Ancient Chinese culture development right now. I've been really super tired these past days. I have a lot of stuff I need to be doing for both of my classes, but I just can't force myself to do it. I've written 3½ paragraphs... wait, no, actually only 2½ so far. I think that's an excellent start.

My English class is all about argumentative writing with an emphasis on NO CREATIVITY, which I can totally dig. All year long, we are going to be writing essays on other essays about various controversial subjects (gun control, euthanasia, etc.). We also have to write a gigantic research paper on the controversial subject of our choice. I can tell that it is going to be very fun.

The good thing about my class is I have the most awesome note taker/study buddy in the entire world. His name is Clayton, and he seriously could not be nicer or more understanding and giving. I'm very happy about having him in my class.

Well, I wish I could be more interesting, but I guess I'm boring this time around. :-)