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School and TV.
California bear
OK. I am, once again, supposed to be doing lots and lots of homework. I did finish my handout for my oral presentation tomorrow for English. That's good. I really like it. It is here, if you're interested in bibliography cards. I also put a humorous comic strip type thing down at the bottom.

In other school news, I got 24/25 on my first history paper. Yay! I also took the test yesterday which took about 20 minutes to complete. I took it in the afternoon at the disabled student services office. I had to go to class anyway, though because my teacher was going to lecture for the second part of class. So, I took a nap for the first 45 minutes of class. I think I did very good on the test, except for maybe the geography part. Whoops. I should have studied that little bit more.

In TV news, I am thoroughly enjoying One Tree Hill, 24 end, to an extent, Gilmore Girls.

Spoilers for Monday night's EverwoodCollapse )

Well, I better actually do my paper now. It's about a very exciting topic: videogame violence!

Speaking of papers, I'm going to do a poll concerning my research paper. The broad subject is Media: Image or Reality. I have no idea what to do for a thesis or anything like that. So, if you have any ideas please let me know!

What should my thesis be? Do you have any ideas that would narrow my topic?