February 28th, 2004


Who I am.

I spent most of today helping a classmate with English. That is exhausting work, but it also makes me feel really smart, so I guess there's a payoff. Of course, it helps that the student I'm helping periodically tells me how smart I am. Rock.

I just wanted to write briefly about one of my life goals. I guess one of the main goals in my life (and has been driving me since I was about 10 years old) is to be a genuine person. Not just a genuine person, but a genuinely beautiful-on-the-inside person. I was reminded of this goal because last week's Angel contained excerpts of one of my all-time favorite books: The Little Princess. During fifth-grade, I must have read this book at least eight times. I wanted to be like Sara Crewe, and she just wanted to be a Princess; not one of those prissy women who must get everything they want, but a Princess on the inside. That concept impressed me so much, that I based my life (in fifth-grade) on what Sara Crewe would do. I believe it applies just as much today, as it did when I read the book.

I believe that we all have marvelous, and even royal potentials. In each human being, there is a little spark, a thread, a speck, even, of what we could be. And, this quality is not something that can be compared with other people; it can only be compared to ourselves -- what we could be, what we strive to be.

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