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(no subject)
California bear
I'm going to start this entry with an interesting poll. Well, first I'm going to talk about past results of my way-awesome polls.

Lana Lang versus Summer Roberts (I had to look up her last name; I bet you didn't know what it was, either.): Huge surprise -- 100% of voters chose Summer.

Giles versus SpyDaddy: 60% For Spydaddy, 40% for our favorite watcher.

Michael Vaughn versus Ryan Atwood: 56.2% for Vaughn, and 43.8% for Ryan. Let me just say that I think that this poll has the most inaccurate results. Have you seen Ryan's arms? Have you seen Vaughn's face? How many times has Sydney had to rescue Vaughn? How many times has Ryan been hit in the face without even flinching? Do the math! Ryan would totally win!

Okay, so without further ado, the next very interesting poll:

Another fight: who will win?

Sandy from The OC
Luke from Gilmore Girls

Which grammar error is more annoying?

Misuse of the word "your" -- Example: I think your nice.
Misuse of the word "there" -- Example: I don't like there idea.

Staring contest: who would win?

Liz Parker from Roswell
Marisa Cooper from The OC

What is the capital of Morocco?


Mail update: pipsqueaky, nicole_anell, and sprightliness -- I have sent your packages out to you. corngirl_jo -- I missed recording last Tuesday's episode of One Tree Hill, so I'm catching the Sunday easy view, and after that I will be able to send you the tape.
juliedarling & careyleah -- I'm still waiting to hear what you want from the CD list.

Speaking of music, my history teacher and I are playing this really great game of trading CDs. It seems that every other class he is bringing me a CD to listen to, or I'm bringing one for him. It's pretty cool. He has given me some pretty weird music: one CD of mellow African-ish music, another CD of sort of jazzy sounding tribal music, and another CD which I haven't had a chance to listen to yet.

In other history related news, I got my paper back -- 90%. It's not the best, but it still is an A. I really wasn't expecting a lot from that paper because I didn't try very hard. I had a week and a half to do it, and I ended up writing it in two hours on the day it was due.

I didn't get a very good grade on my latest English paper, though. But the thing about that, is I get to rewrite papers until I'm satisfied with the grade. So I made some changes and turned in the revised paper last class. My paper on euthanasia is due Tuesday, and I haven't started on it. It's one of those portfolio papers that, by themselves, are 10% of the grade. Yikes. I should really start working on that.

My poor mom. I can hear her in the other room blowing her nose. She tells me that the snot won't stop coming, it's like nonstop snot.

I have to wait to apply to Cal State San Marcos until August 31 -- which is when you can first start applying for spring semester 2005. I already missed cutoffs for Fall 2004. So, I have a little less than a year until I'm going to be so crazy busy with school that I will not have time to do whatever I want. That's kind of sad, but school is good, so it's all right.

Well, I better get going.