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Comcast, school, other stuff.
California bear
On Wednesday my Internet was broken. Well, actually it turned out that ISPs will actually turn off your service if you don't pay them! Anyway, I was disconnected for the entire day, and it sucked. Wednesday, I wrote this:

I have not been able to go on the Internet for the entire day. It's driving me insane.

So far, I've managed to keep myself entertained by:

  • watching School of Rock
  • watching episodes of Roswell, including the commentary for the episode "The Balance," which was pretty good. I learned that the name “Nasedo" came from rearranging the letters of the city "Sedona."
  • working on my personal web site. I updated for pictures of last Thanksgiving, my mom's birthday, and it seems like I did more, but I didn't.
  • studying for my history test tomorrow.
  • continually checking to see if the Internet magically fixed itself.
  • organizing files on my computer.
  • listening to sound effects. I didn't know I had them on my computer, but it's pretty cool. I must be really weird because I think that listening to sounds of doors shutting, cars starting, people coughing, and footsteps entertaining.
  • feeling very disconnected from the world.

    That's about it. I actually can't even update until the Internet is fixed. Who knows when that will be. I hate you Comcast! You are ruining my life!

    Yesterday, I took my history test, which was scheduled for 1 p.m.. My teacher was going to let the entire class have the entire class time to do it, and since I get time and a half to complete tests, I signed up for 2 1/2 hours of testing time at the Disabled Student Services Center. Anyhow, I finished the test in 31 minutes, and had two hours to kill before my first class of the day. For an hour, I hung out with my mom and my brother. We ate Taco Bell with hot cheetos, which was cool. For the next hour, I was on my own. I sat in the shade and waited for my class to start.

    After class started, I learned about the different types of arguments (inductive, and deductive, which I really should know the difference between, but I have problems learning the differences between things that sound so much the same). A lot of people didn't show up, so she let us out an hour early, and since I didn't have to go to history afterward, I got to go home. I had to call my mom, of course, but it was cool getting to be home by 5:15 PM instead of 7:15.

    For the first time ever, I watched Survivor yesterday night. I only got to watch the last 45 minutes or so, so I didn't really understand why everyone was on a yacht.

    Also, the other day my friend EJ called me. It was very cool to hear from him again, as he is probably one of the coolest people I have met. If any of you reading this need nicotine gum, let me know, because my friend EJ sells it, and I could point you in his direction.

    Mail update: Thank you, juliedarling & pipsqueaky & sprightliness: I have received your packages! It was very cool getting stuff in the Mail. :-)