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California bear
Hey, I missed last Friday's Joan of Arcadia, and I haven't seen the latest new episode of Gilmore Girls either. If anyone could help me out, I would really appreciate it.

List update.
California bear

  • I got back the results from my latest history test. I got a 78.6%, which brought my grade down to an unacceptable 87%. My cumulative grade-point average is a 3.328. Yeah, I know, that's pretty unimpressive. That's what getting two Ds will do to you. But, I figured that if I take 12 more credits and get As in those classes, and I get straight As this semester, I can raise it up to a spiffy 3.5.
  • I have to take my English midterm tomorrow sometime. I would stress out about this, but since it's only worth 5% of my grade, I can get a 75% on it, and that will only affect 1.25% of my grade. Actually, I wouldn't stress out about it even if it really did matter. I just don't stress out about stuff that much. I already have a very solid A in my class, so I'm not really worried about the midterm.
  • My sister Kristine went to Morp on Friday night. Morp is basically prom backwards. So, it's girl ask guy, and really casual instead of formal. While on her awesome date with this guy she really likes (Chad) he asked her to go to prom with him. What's that you are saying? When is her prom? I'm glad you asked. It's not until May! So, she got asked two months early. She says it was because Chad wanted to beat all of her other prospective "dates" to the chance.
  • Saturday, a bunch of people from church came over to work on the addition. Yes, I have been waiting for it to be completed since before Christmas. Anyway, they were pounding in my room for about four hours. I was just glad stuff was getting done.
  • Special shout-out to jacoba, who is in my English class this semester. Redheads rule!
  • Speaking of redheads, I was recently listening to a CD my friend EJ made me (he also has some glorious red hair), and I really love it. The first track, "When She Moves," is a particular favorite of mine. To share the love, you can download it here. (MP3 format, 2.75MB) Lyrics are below:
    When She MovesCollapse )
    This CD was recorded right after my accident and was presented to me while I was in the hospital. This song was written about me.
  • We organized the DVD collection yesterday. It's amazing how many DVDs we are missing. The truly disturbing part is that we have the cases. Somewhere in our house, the DVDs are just lying somewhere all by themselves. I organized them alphabetically. Which is cool, until the next time we buy a DVD, and then we have to rearrange the entire collection.
  • My brother went on a campout Friday night and Saturday during the day.
  • My brand-new credit/debit card has yet to arrive. I feel so helpless without it.
  • I'm looking forward to watching the brand-new Alias, tonight, even if I have to watch last week's episode again. (My friend Cecilia and my sister didn't get a chance to watch it, yet.)
  • I'm tired of writing, so I'm going to go now.