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Oh, Cecilia!
California bear
I had a lot of things to do Wednesday, but I didn't do them in favor of helping my sister with her autobiography project. It took from 11 a.m. until 1 a.m. and that is only including one 45 minute break. I think it turned out pretty cute. It looks better on paper, though.

I got my midterm back on Thursday. 3.5/4 = still an A. Even though it is not as good as a grade as I was hoping for.

Cecilia spent the night last night, and we spent most of the morning watching episodes of Do Over. Which, probably is one of the best TV shows ever to get canceled after only airing 11 episodes. They filmed 15, but the WB decided not to even show the last four. Sometimes, it's really hard to hate the WB, because they gave me the joys of Buffy seasons 1-5, and Everwood and the cheesiness of Smallville, but then they go and cancel perfectly good shows, and it somehow ignites a dangerous fury within me. Grrrr!!!!

I want to say how awesome my friend Cecilia is, because she always talks about how awesome I am. Cecilia rocks. She is always nice to me and my family, and likes to be at my house hanging out with us. She is not only incredibly attractive, but also generous and kind. I know that I'm already pretty awesome, but I could be even more awesome if I followed her example a little more. She is definitely one of my best friends. And, she's humble. I told her I was going to write about her here, and she didn't even want me to! If the roles were reversed, I would be like, "yeah, write all about my awesomeness!" But, not her. I love you, Cecilia!

Let's see... do I want to write about anything else? Nope. Wait, I am kind of excited about the new episode of Wonderfalls tonight. I am definitely enjoying the show.