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(no subject)
California bear
I really wanted to update my journal one last time before April. So, here I am. Updating.

I'm supposed to be writing a paper for history on holy wars right now. It's due tomorrow. Hmmmm. I actually better do something about that, especially since I haven't even read chapter I'm supposed to be writing about.

Also, my research paper is not going along like I want it to. I wanted to have it done before spring break, but I just can't get started. Once I get started, though, it's practically finished, you know? But, getting started is the hard part. So, looks like I will be procrastinating just like the rest of my class. Dang it!

Also thinking about my last name. My last name is Anderson, which means that, historically, during gradeschool and middle school and high school, I was always basically the first person called during attendance. Now, here's where the freaky part comes in. I really like being first. I had this girl in my class whose last name was Abalos, and my position as the first person had been taken away from me. Most people would be like, "who cares?" But, not me. I REALLY liked being first. It doesn't matter to me anymore, it's not like college professors take attendance every day by calling names like in gradeschool.

But, thinking about this made me realize that I don't just like doing well. I like doing better than everyone else. In my history class, I'm doing well. I have a 90% grade right now. But, you know what sucks? The guy in my class who has a stinking 102%. I hate him! Then, I try to justify to myself that he probably spends all of his time really working hard on this class. You know, actually reading the book, studying, and taking more than an hour and a half writing his papers; all things that I do not do. So, he actually deserves the grade, unlike me, who is just getting by because of my intelligence. Well, it's probably not my huge brain. It's probably just luck.

But, it still bothers me. I need to be the best for some reason. This is most curious since I don't really try anymore.

In middleschool, I was a huge freaking nerd. I mean, scary nerd. I was like Drew Barrymore's high school character in Never Been Kissed. I did try. I spent most of my free time doing homework, preparing for school, and doing extra credit work. I didn't have any distractions. I had family responsibilities, but I really didn't have any friends. I really wasn't sad about it, because I really didn't think about it very much. Anyway, I did try really hard in middleschool, and I received the highest grades in all of my classes. Occasionally, someone would get a little higher than me during the term, and it would drive me CRAZY. I still remember her name. Sarah Lindstrom. I don't know if she knew it at the time, but I considered her Public Enemy Number One.

But, I still have that extremely competitive nature, even though I'm not willing to put the hours of work and effort into becoming the best. Very curious, no?

I asked my sister Kristine about this, and she said that she was the same way. Even about rollcall. So, I'm thinking to myself maybe it's because my last name starts with A. But I don't think that any of my other siblings are like that. They don't really care about grades like I do, and like Kristine does.

Conclusion: I'm a freak.

On to other things. Let's talk about Alias shall we? I would cut for spoilers (of the last couple episodes), but I'm really lazy right now. Sorry about that.

I think I'll just group the characters in fancy little groups.

Hate: Vaughn, Sydney, and... well, I think that's about it. No, wait, I also hate "professional" Dr. Barnett. She sucks. I would also put Senator Reed in this category, because I thought that he was a waste of space, but luckily for me, he was eliminated so I don't have to worry about that anymore.

Meh: Mrs. Reed.

Like: Sark, Lauren, Marshall, Weiss

Love: Jack, Sloane and Dixon.

Normally, Sark would be in the "Love" group, but I'm still not over him getting his butt kicked by Vaughn. You all know how I like to have those Smackdown "what if" fights as polls, and, I believe that if I had put Sark with a Knife versus Vaughn with the handcuffs, Sark would have won hands down. The stupidity! At least it did lead to the excellent shot of Sark in the orange outfit with the straitjacket. i'm lovin' it™ (McDonald's).

Speaking of fast food, I did have a pannido (not sure about the spelling) at Jack in the Box today. I've actually never heard of them, either. From what I gather, a pannido is a very long piece of bread, sort of like double the length of a regular hot dog bun, with rolled deli meat and cheese with this sort of tasty tomato-ish sauce. I give it: two thumbs up. The bread was especially good. It's not that type of fast food bun bread, you know the kind. It's crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside, and you actually feel like it might actually contain vitamins and maybe even fiber! I had turkey, and it was very tasty. I highly recommend going out to Jack in the Box and eating one.

OK, what else? I must think of something else to keep me from doing my homework. Oh yeah, I got my dad a really sweet PVR from dish network since his old satellite receiver thing was being all messed up and stuff. I'm actually pretty jealous since his has the capacity to record up to 100 hours of TV, and mine only holds a measly 36.

Wonderfalls is pretty wonderful. Go watch!

I must go, now. Homework!