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Very busy.
This spring break has been pretty busy.

I spent the majority of today from about 1000 to 1800 working on a business web site for my friend.

Did I mention that I haven't really started actually writing my research paper? That baby is due on the 15th, which I now realize is eight days away.

I also helped my friend Collina with a video for her wedding today from about 1900-2230. Yeah, I love military time now.

Then Cecilia came over and we watched three episodes of Roswell. I'm starting to feel really guilty about this. I mean, I know how it ends, and yet, I'm subjecting her to it. We've just watched the very first episode of second season. The horrors! The EMHB! The TAPPING! I remember that we used to have some type of clever acronym to describe the transformation of Maria. I can't remember it anymore. Someone help me out?

Anyway, I should mention that I saw the cinematic wonder that is The Prince and Me last Friday. I think I am going to have to agree with morgaine22 and say that it rocked.

It was also really nice catching up with juliedarling on Sunday afternoon.

I wanted to add one more thing: pipsqueaky, I have reviewed your video and I had written extensive notes on it, all of which were completely erased when my computer decided to restart for no apparent reason. I'm going to try and get you those tonight, though.

[Notes for me]
*I have an appointment today at 0830 dealing with the web site.
*I really need to get back with Peter concerning his writing.
*I have another appointment tonight with Sena at about 1930.
*Collina is coming over Thursday night at about 1930 to work on the video again. I really should have some type of progress on what we have so far.
*The awesome ddh is coming with The Project Bushido crew on Saturday.
*I also need to complete the extra credit assignment on that whale riding movie for history.