April 11th, 2004

California bear

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! Yesterday, I went Easter bunny shopping with my mom and sister. It wore me out. I can't really spend as much time as they can in the dollar store. I don't actually like dollar stores that much. You want to know why? It's because they trick you. Everything's a dollar! And, as you pile more and more merchandise in your cart, you are under a false conception that you are "bargain shopping." This is as far from the truth as the earth is from the sun. Those one dollar items add up quickly, and before you know it, you've spent over $50 on stuff you don't even need. Conclusion: dollar stores = evil.

I was really tired last night, but I managed to get some good sleep which made me feel much better.

Oh yeah, I had some people come and visit me from Arizona yesterday. The Tims from Project Bushido, and my friend Justin. They took my mother and I out to eat at the Mongolian barbecue.

Easter morning I woke up pretty early (0800) and someone brought me in my Easter basket. In addition to candy, I got some really nice smelling shampoo, IBC root beer and a really cool brush. Then we went to church. It was a pretty awesome meeting, and I enjoyed it. My sister, Kellie, also came to church sporting her new nose ring. My mom was so upset with her that my sister took it out in order to avoid the guilt.

After we got back from church, we said goodbye to the Tims, who had a plane to catch, and then we ate dinner.

Justin also showed me The Little Ninja, which I didn't think I would like, but ended up really liking. It's not just some weird Japanese animation thing, but a really great story about a Little ninja trying to find himself. It's a little bit gory, but if you can stand the site of cartoon animated blood, I think you'll really like it.

Other than this fabulous Easter weekend we have had, I have been busy with the normal things. I'm mainly been working on web sites stuff for Big Willie's Concrete, and I helped a friend put together a video for her wedding. Those videos are actually pretty hard work. Especially the way that I do them. I can't just throw something together and call it good. I actually have to spend time and effort and make it look good.

Speaking of effort, I have spent little working on my research paper which is due in (holy crap) four days. I think I will do a little bit of that night. You know, after I watch Alias.