April 28th, 2004


Alias timeline.

1970 -- Jack Bristow recruited into the CIA.
1970 -- Irina Drevko recruited to the KGB by Alexander Khasinau.
Sometime between 1970-1974 -- Jack Bristow & Irina Drevko get married.
*1973 -- Michael Vaughn is born.
1975 -- Sydney Bristow is born.
1981 -- Irina fakes her own death.
*1981 -- Sydney is used as part of Project Christmas.
*1981 or 1982 -- Nadia is born.
*1981 or 1982 -- Bill Vaughn is murdered by Irina.
1994 -- Sydney is recruited to SD-6.
1994 -- Jack Bristow becomes a double agent for the CIA.
1994 -- Michael Vaughn was recruited into the CIA.
2001 -- Sydney becomes a double agent for the CIA.
2002 -- Irina reveals herself as "The Man"
2002 -- Irina surrenders to the CIA.
2003 -- SD-6 and all other SD terrorist cells are eliminated by the CIA.
2003 -- Irina escapes CIA custody.
[Sometime between 2003-2006]
+ Sydney is captured by The Covenant and assumes the alias of Julia Thorne
+ Michael Vaughn marries Lauren Reed
+ Arvin Sloane is pardoned of all his wrongdoings and assumes control over OmniFam

*= date is not verified.

The OC -- help!

Hey, I was wondering if anyone had taped last night's (technically still this night) episode of the OC, or had a reliable torrent to point me to. I missed it, and I am very sad about it. We had set it to record, but my PVR freaked out and didn't catch a thing. Help! Also, if you have not last week's episode, but the week before's, I am also sadly missing that.