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School, TV and lip cancer.
So, if anyone has been paying attention to the news lately, you've probably heard about the California fires! Striking back! Or something like that. I actually live near two of them (The "Corona Fire" and the "Temecula Fire"), but my house is not in any immediate danger. We live a freeway away from one of them, and a Lake away from the other. I really hate stupid California fires. I hate the smell of smoke every time I go outside, and the horrible feeling of trees and creatures meeting their doom by fire. I hate hearing that thousands of acres have been burned. It sucks.

My English class was canceled yesterday because of the fires. Or, at least, that's what the sign said. I arrived a little bit less than an hour late because I was finishing up some important history extra credit. I was a little bit disappointed that class was canceled because I was hoping to get back my research paper.

Anyway, my history extra credit was to make a video about medieval Japan. I finished it yesterday morning, put it onto a DVD, and then made the transfer to VHS. My teacher showed it to the class first thing, and I think it went over as a success. There was clapping at the end and everything. I was pleased that it got a couple of chuckles, especially at the part where a New Kids on the Block song was played. Anyway, you can check out my hard work here.

Last night's Gilmore Girls was one of the first episodes I have REALLY liked in a long time. I love Luke. Love him. It should just be called The Luke Show or maybe something not quite so cheesy.

On the other hand, One Tree Hill is now officially the trashiest show I watch. It even beat out The OC, which is a feat in and of itself. Maybe if One Tree Hill was up against season six Buffy it would lose, but I am not sure. Anyway, I don't like the Luke on that show. I do like the Lukes on Joan of Arcadia and The OC, though. And, I was happy that the Tru Calling Luke died. Ha ha! There were just too many Lukes in the television-verse, and one of them had to go sooner or later. Speaking of which, is the Luke from The OC leaving the show?

In other news, I have lip cancer, which is what I am calling the cold sore the size of Vermont on my bottom lip. Also, my family is switching rooms upstairs. It's not the funnest.