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California bear
My lip cancer is getting better. In fact, it is almost all the way gone.

I went to church twice yesterday, which is unusual especially since I actually wanted to go twice.

On Saturday, we sent my mom on a scavenger hunt at our mall. On Friday night, we purchased items from about six stores and left those items at those stores with a note and a rose. We also attached a picture of my parents to the note, so the people at the store would know they were giving the present to the right people. At the end of the scavenger hunt, we had tickets for my parents to go see Ella Enchanted. While my mom was gone, the kids worked really hard getting the house clean for her. I say it was a pretty successful Mother's Day gift. She really liked it.

I am weirdly irritable right now. I am also really sad for no reason. I know the irritation started yesterday at church when this guy sitting in the pew to my right was sitting forward with his elbows on his knees, and the girl sitting next to him was totally scratching his back! What was that about? It was totally loud, too. I wanted to shout and tell them to stop it, but I held back. I thought to myself, "why does this bother me so much?" And the answer I came up with was because it was annoying.

In school news, my Japanese video received 25 points extra credit putting my history grade at a 94%. I also received a 3.8 on my research paper, which is an A. This is a good thing since the research paper is actually worth 20% of my grade, and not 10% like I had originally thought. My teacher said that I have some sarcastic comments aimed at my opponents' side that weakened my argument. I guess it's really hard for me to put away the sarcasm, even when I consciously try.

Anyhow, I wish I was more interesting today, but I'm just not.