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Answers to lyrics thing. Other crap. Oh yeah, Mean Girls review
Hey, remember the entry I made way back on May 2? The lyrics thingy? Well, I thought I would post the answers since I've been making everyone wait in suspense for nearly two weeks. Some of the songs are even downloadable! Shhh! Don't read that out loud; I might get caught!

[-] But you see, it's not me, it's not my family -- The Cranberries "Zombie"
[-] Stop your talking baby or I start walking baby -- The Black-eyed Peas "Shut up"
[-] maybe it was someone who could bring the tea and come for me -- from the musical The Secret Garden "I Heard Someone Crying"
[-] I follow you, I watch you. I thank God you're in my class -- K's Choice "Wait" [MP3 format, 4.7MB]
[-] it's more than we deserve. It's all right, you've made up your mind. -- Face To Face "God Is a Man"
[-] Before we all... come undone -- Radiohead "Street Spirit (fadeout)" [MP3 format, 3.9MB]
[-] tell me you're so into me -- Britney Spears "Crazy"
[-] give me one reason to be beautiful, and everything I am -- Hole "10 Reasons To Be Beautiful"
[-] I pray to God that it won't be long -- Vienna Boys Choir (Covering Madonna) "The Power of Goodbye" [MP3 format, 3.9MB]
[-] that's why in front of your eyes I'm invisible -- Shakira "Objection"
[-] for all I know I could be King, if you would only be my -- 7th House "Gypsy Queen"
[-] ingénue, I just don't know what to do -- Mono "Life in Mono"
[-] don't expect to get your bloody black backpack back -- Stroke 9 "Little Black Backpack"
[-] and I'm waiting to be there. Oh, I'm waiting to be -- artist I don't know "Speechless" [MP3 format, 4.6MB]
[-] I say, I love myself, I'm perfect in each and every way -- Kim Anderson "I Love Myself"
[-] so close a lady, shifty eyes shady -- Alice in Chains "I Stay Away"
[-] so stand up straight and stand up tall -- Josie and the Pussycats "You're a Star"
[-] as she stood in the doorway, I heard the mission bell -- The Eagles "Hotel California"
[-] before your father hears us, before all hell breaks loose -- Radiohead "Exit Music for Film"
[-] guess what I received in the mail today -- Weezer "My Name Is Jonas"
[-] try to be different, well get a different disease -- Silverchair "Freak"

In other news, I saw Mean Girls yesterday with my sisters. I thought it was pretty enjoyable. My favorite part was the Julius Caesar speech, though. That alone almost made it worth the six dollars I had to shell out to see it. Movies are expensive nowadays. That's the matinée price!

I also inventoried the DVD collection, again. Then I reorganized them alphabetically. After that, we went to Wal-Mart and bought like four DVDs for $5.50 each. Now I have to reorganize them all over again.

I only have two classes left! I only have two classes left! I only have two days of school left! Yay! Yay! {Does mental cartwheels}

TV: I love Joan & Adam! That is all.