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School and other stuff.
I am studying for my history final exam for tomorrow. I am not really happy about my trans-Asian trade paper's grade. I got an abominable 84%. I actually worked really hard on the paper, and I understand that it wasn't perfect, but take away 16 points? I think it was really unfair. My format was perfect, and my unity and organization were excellent. I lacked a little bit of detail on the Indian Ocean Maritime system in one part of the question, and I get docked 16 entire points? I also got docked because I relied too heavily on quotes and paraphrasing, but that's what you do when you have to write a paper based on evidence. Otherwise I would just be making crap up.

Anyway, now I have a 92% in the class, which means I have to study really hard on the exam in order to get an A, otherwise I might have worked this entire semester to get a stupid crappy B. I hate stupid crappy Bs. Grrr.

I almost forgot: skippydoo, thank you so much for the tape. I enjoyed the episode immensely. I also forgot to tell you that I just recently found your Christmas card that you sent me. It was very thoughtful and sweet. Thank you.

Anyway, I could totally study better if I didn't have this added pressure that I must succeed.

Oh yeah, my sister and I voted for Diana last night like 50 times. I think that Jasmine is cute, but she isn't the singer that Diana is. I also hate Fantasia. I don't know why, but every time she talks/sings I want to poke out my eardrums in order to stop the pain.

Random Gilmore Girls thought: Luke is the awesome.