May 21st, 2004


Brief school thoughts... mostly about TV.

School is over! I got an excellent 3.8/4.0 on my English final, which I think pretty much secured the A that I need.

I'm not so sure about history, as I did study all of Wednesday and most of Tuesday morning, and there were still some answers I wasn't sure about. I hate multiple-choice. I hate it. I will be really really sad if I get a B in the class.

I finally watched Angel last night. I was a little disappointed. I understand what had to end the way it did, but that still doesn't make me any less sad.

So, there is Joan of Arcadia tonight and Alias on Sunday, and then my TV watching days are over until the new season. I don't really watch summer shows unless they promise to be as delightfully cheesy as Dead Last was. Man, that was a really great show. *sigh* Okay, I'm kidding. Well, sort of, anyway. Who wouldn't like to show that's about a rock-and-roll band talking to dead people? It's like a cross over between Josie and the Pussycats and The Sixth Sense.

You know, they say that the brain is less active watching TV then it is when sleeping. I definitely do not think that is the case with me, but I'm not an "ordinary" or "average" TV viewer. I don't watch TV to unwind, or because I'm bored. I watch TV to be enlightened and entertained. Enlightenment means learning. That's the reason I watch shows like Jeopardy! but it's also the reason I watch, well, all of my other television programs. (Excepting shows like American Idol, which I watch for the social aspect.)

TV is good and great. It can also be really bad, but I don't really watch a lot of bad TV. According to one of my latest polls, asking which television show with you cancel if you had the power, the winner was a two-way tie between 7th Heaven and The Swan. I voted for Charmed because I hate that show. I've never actually seen an entire episode, (okay, I'm lying, I once was forced to watch an episode that had Ben from Buffy in it) but the previews I watch make me physically sick. Who could take this show seriously? I don't even think I would have fun mocking the show. From the previews, it looks like the work (mocking) is already done for me.

But, seriously, 7th Heaven has had its day in the sun. I think I have probably watched maybe six or maybe even as much as 11 episodes (total) of this show. No one really cares anymore. All the kids are grownups except for Ruthie (even though she has been acting like an adult ever since this show first came on) and the dumb twins.

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Ooooh. I kind of like making TV predictions, so I'm going to keep on doing it.

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I'm tired of writing, so I'm going to stop now. I will have more predictions for my other shows once I feel like writing lots again.