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Random list-type update.
California bear
  • I found out for sure that I got an A in English. Yay!

  • I had the shindig at my house last Wednesday. I think it went pretty successfully, although Cecilia couldn't come because she wasn't feeling well. :-( We ended up playing some weird game my friend Dave brought over, which was pretty cool. Guests included: Dawn, Carlo and Jessica, Jacob, Dave, Sena, Aaron and Jasmine (their Chihuahua puppy), Collina and Josh.

  • I am now preparing for my awesome birthday bash, which is not going to be on my birthday as in years past (because my brother's eighth-grade graduation ceremony is on that day) but it is going to be a late eighties/early nineties party. I'm going to require everyone to dress appropriately, too. Fun times.

  • Today is my other brother's 21st birthday. I wish I cared more, but I don't because he's been a fantastic jerk for the past... well, while.

  • I couldn't go to church today because my van's insurance got canceled because of a "miscommunication" with the insurance agency.

  • I only have 147 e-mails in my inbox to take care of. Woo hoo! That's down from 638.

  • I keep on finding really cool things I want to buy on eBay, but I don't buy them. I feel really good about my self-restraint.

  • The Dark Towers series from Steven King is on sale right now where I buy my literature. (E-books.) Should I buy it? The entire series is only $37.99. I have never read him before. But I do want something cool to read for the summer.

  • OK, I'm boring myself. I think I will add a poll, even though, since it's Memorial weekend, not a lot of people end up seeing it.

Poll #301258 About books and other stuff.

Which of these titles was required reading where you went to school?

Animal Farm
Lord of the Flies
Romeo and Juliet
The Great Gatsby
The Old Man and the Sea
To Kill a Mockingbird
Of Mice and Men
Fahrenheit 451
Man's Search for Meaning

What other books were you required to read in high school/junior high?

Which of these is coolest?

A 1.3 pixel digital camera keychain capable of storing 400 pictures.
A wristwatch that stores up to 512MB and plugs into any USB port.
A 20GB MP3 player that also plays recorded TV shows and DVDs.