June 17th, 2004


What I have been up to.

If you care about the apostrophe like I do, and/or love the proper use of grammar, you will love reading this. I'm thinking seriously about purchasing the book that this excerpt is taken from. Here is an excerpt from the excerpt:

Take the possessive of proper names ending in "s" -- such as my own. Is this properly "Lynne Truss' book" or "Lynne Truss's book"? One correspondent (whose name I have changed) wrote with a tone of impatience: "From an early age I knew that if I wanted to write Philippa Jones' book I did NOT WRITE Philippa Jones's book with a second 's'. I see this error often even on a school minibus: St James's School. Perhaps the rules have changed or the teachers just do not know nowadays."

Sadly, this correspondent has been caught in the embarrassing position of barking up two wrong trees at the same time; but only because tastes have changed in the matter. Current guides to punctuation (including that ultimate authority, Fowler's Modern English Usage) state that with modern names ending in "s" (including biblical names, and any foreign name with an unpronounced final "s"), the "s" is required after the apostrophe:

Keats's poems Philippa Jones's book St Jame's Square Alexander Dumas's The Three Musketeers

With names from the ancient world, it is not:
Archimedes' screw Achilles' heel

If the name ends in an "iz" sound, an exception is made:

Bridges' score

Anyhow, it was a fascinating read.

What have I been up too lately? Well, I have been preparing for my cool birthday party coming up in two days. I'm researching music to play in the background of my party. I'm thinking that I will span 1988-1992. I've already downloaded a great selection off of the Internet. I would love to have more, but since I refuse to use any type of "peer" filesharing programs, and I don't really like to pay for any of my music, this project has experienced some difficulties.

For instance, I would really love to download "Jump" by Kris Kross, but I have not been able to find it. I would also like to download "Angel" by Aerosmith.... *wistful sigh* Aerosmith. Kim fact: Aerosmith was the first band that I called "my favorite band." It was around the year 1993... middle school times. I thought that they were the awesomest. (Wow, does "awesomest" look really really bad.)

Anyhow, I've been doing that. I've also been updating the Buffinator awards with new submissions. So far, we have 42! That's pretty exciting. I haven't watched any of them yet. Wait, I think I have. Nothing superfantabulous, though. I think.

Yesterday, I organized all of my tapes! Isn't that exciting? It's pretty cool. I have two tape case cupboards and one small bookshelf filled with my exciting tape collection. We also purchased Buffy season six, and Smallville season two at best buy the other day. I got to use my 10% off coupon, and I felt really good about that.

My mom and I are also making a crossword puzzle for my grandparents. What's a five letter word that begins with H that is a redneck animation company? If you guessed Hixar you are a genius! Yes, we made that word up. But, that's the only one that's not a real word. Maybe I will post the crossword here after we are done making clues for it. It really is boss.

You know what else is boss? Better off Dead. That movie rocks. Also, if you have never seen the movie Get Over It, you should do that. Colin Hanks, Kirsten Dunst, Shane West and Martin Short. Fun times! I also bid on this Freakazoid DVD off of eBay. I hope I win!