June 28th, 2004


Feedback challenge!

I had the privilege of being assigned to give feedback for dualbunny's videos. Which, by the way, are excellent. (Find them here.)

The first video I watched was "Olivia" -- which is a music video featuring The Last Unicorn. First of all, I have never really run into any videos from this fantastic movie before, and I was delighted by its uniqueness. Secondly, the music choice was truly exceptional. I loved it because it actually sounded like it fit the time period I imagine that this movie took place in. The rhythm of the song really facilitated the telling of the story.

The clip choice was also really well done. This song is not really slow, but it does have a slower tempo, and it can be sometimes hard to keep the story moving, and tempting to use longer clips when vidding to slower songs. But, dualbunny did a great job keeping it interesting without sacrificing the integrity of the storyline.

The second video I watched was "Volcano Girls" -- a Buffy & Faith video. For the most part, I greatly enjoyed this video, and I thought it was done well. Since I am more familiar with the source that this video is made from, I will have more suggestions than I had with "Olivia."

Good things first: I loved the use of motion used during the first half of the video. The cuts were so awesome! Inspiring, even. They really blew my mind. The way dualbunny made Faith look like she was falling from a building onto grass, and then the kick from the two slayers in the police car cutting to the shot of the mayor's assistant being flung against the wall are just some of the examples of really cool editing in this video.

The energy of the video is also exceptional. I guess my only real suggestion is to use less of the Graduation Day fight at the end of the video. I know that it is hard to resist, because the fight is so well filmed and choreographed. Even though the high energy is still there, it seems like it doesn't really go with the music in the same way as all of the rest of the video clips went. Hopefully, that makes sense. Also, I'm a little bit torn on the part where the scenes where Faith goes to see the mayor and where the mayor shows Faith her new place are spliced together. I can't decide if that is good from a storytelling perspective, or not so good from a strictly visual perspective.

Altogether, fantastic work. I was glad I had this opportunity.