July 18th, 2004

California bear

(no subject)

The parents and my two youngest siblings went to visit some family in Utah. They have been gone since Wednesday night and are going to be back home Sunday night.

It has been not very good without the parents. In general, I have not been feeling very well, and the siblings left here don't really understand me, it seems. I'm not really angry with them even though they have left me alone and well... just have not been very helpful. I guess I'm a little hurt more than angry. I even tried to summon anger earlier, but I'm just not a vengeful person.

Anyway, it is very late and my brain is very tired. I'm not really sure what I am writing, even.

I saw Raising Helen on Monday at the cheapy theaters. I was not particularly fond of the movie. I give it a C+. Although the writers and directors were successful at making me emphasize with the main character, I felt that they went the "conventional" way too much. And, they could have made the story a lot more smoother by adding a little more character development with the oldest sister (played by Joan Cusack).

I also saw something else in the theater just recently. What was it? Trying to think... I remember arriving a little bit late (well, you know, a little bit late for the previews) I remember where I sat... trying to recall the name of the movie. Oh yeah, Ella Enchanted. I thought it was very cute. A great movie. I saw that last week sometime.

Anyway, I'm very tired and I have a headache. And I think I need to go to bed.