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San Diego Comic Con 2004: Day One
I had a pretty fun filled and crazy weekend. Comic con is a very tiring event. The drive is only about an hour and a half (sometimes less than that) but driving three hours in one day can take a lot out of you. Not to mention that we went for two days which meant that we drove for six hours in the course of about 48 hours. It doesn't seem like a lot just writing it, but it is. And, once we got there finding parking took like an hour. You'd think that there would be more available, but even with their parking garage fitting 1900 vehicles, the parking lots were still completely full even a mile away.


We got a pretty late start, plus we had to stop by the campus of Palomar in San Marcos to pick up some movies for Cecilia. Our crew consisted of myself, Cecilia, her brother Chris, and my sister Katie. We arrived at the convention at around 12:45 p.m., but we didn't secure parking until about 1:30 p.m.. In the parking lot, Cecilia accidentally backed up into some moving truck and dented the back doors of my van a little. Other than startling us, and the minimal damage done to my van doors, nothing else really happened. The moving truck was not damage. Also, the parking guys were totally nice about it.

We wanted to visit the panel where Keanu Reeves was speaking, but we were too late for that. We did manage to get to visit the Tru Calling panel that we got to watch Eliza Dushku speak.

Pretty pictures of Eliza.Collapse )

I can't really remember anything completely and totally interesting. A lot of people asked about Buffy, and if she heard anything from Joss about doing a movie. I was pretty amazed by the amount of people just wandering about while she spoke. Stupid people. Anyway, she said she wasn't aware of any new things going on in the Joss-verse. Some people asked about where she gets her inspiration to make her characters work, and shooting is anything remarkably great. I mean, it was like what you would expect from any actor or actress.

After that, we sort of wandered about aimlessly in the exhibition hall, which, by the way, is totally enormous. I'm not sure exactly how big it is, but I know it's at least three football fields big. Possibly, even more. I looked out for the Save Farscape booth, but I couldn't see it anywhere. That place is too freaking big. We did find a bunch of people dressed up in costumes, though.

The interesting thing about a convention this size that covers so many different fandoms is that there is no possible way you're going to recognize the costumes of everyone there. I was actually curious looking at some of the costumes, thinking to myself, "are they wearing a costume for something they are a fan of, or did they just want to dress up?" And then there was the question of whether some people actually dressed like that in their real-life. It is interesting, but at the same time, a little disturbing. I would say that the fandom that was the most represented was probably Star Wars.

See some of the pictures taken of people dressed up.Collapse )

Some of the displays were pretty impressive. One of the booths had an interesting collection of action figures that were really lifelike.

See the most lifelike Gollum you will probably ever see, also included are the evil C3PO, and a person dressed up (rather convincingly) as Captain Jack Sparrow.Collapse )

At this one place, I managed to snag some pretty cool looking Chinese clothes. Everyone else pretty much thinks that they're pajamas, but I plan on wearing them during the day. They are most boss.

Then, we went to go for the New Line Cinema panel thing. We were just going for The Lord of the Rings part, but we had to sit through presentations about Blade: Trinity, Cellular, and Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle. We did get to see Jessica Biel and Ryan Reynolds. I thought it was a pretty interesting panel even though I have no desire whatsoever to see this movie. Anyway, the actors were great and had a really good sense of humor. Also, Jessica is buff. I mean, really.

Then we finally got to see the panel we were waiting for. They showed us a bunch of clips that were going to be on the extended DVD, and even one that wasn't, but flaming pajamas, was that one funny. That one included two separate interviews with Dominic and Viggo combined. Dominic was insisting that Viggo didn't attend the 2003 Oscars because he had his own separate party. Dom said that Viggo made little Oscar awards out of Jell-O, and required each of his guests to (I think) hit him in the head with it and they would have to tell him that he was "The King." Viggo was very amused by this story, and really couldn't say anything because he was laughing so much. Dom even said that he had proof -- the Jell-O molds. Anyway, it was funny.

Pictures from that panel.Collapse )

After that, we went home. We were really really tired, and we planned to leave by 5:30 a.m. the next morning so we could get a really good parking space. Well, this is all I'm going to write for now. Stay tuned for more exciting stories and pictures on my second day at the 2004 San Diego Comic Con. :-)