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San Diego Comic Con: Day Two

My awesome friend Dave said that he wanted to come and go with us on Saturday. I told him on Friday night that we were going to leave really early in the morning, so he might want to spend the night. He came over late Friday night. I set my alarm for 4:45 a.m., but it never went off. Cecilia finally woke me up at 5:45 a.m., and we all left at around 7:00 AM. By the time we had purchased food and water from Albertson's and breakfast from McDonald's it was around 7:30 a.m.. The crew on Saturday included Dave, Cecilia, Chris, Katie and my brother Kurtis.

We arrived in San Diego around 8:45, and had a lot of trouble with parking. Finally, Dave just dropped us off in front and found a parking spot somewhere. By the time we had registered and had our badges and stuff, Dave had found us again. We were actually a little bit early for the first panel we wanted to see, which was the Lost panel.

Handicapped seating was really weird. They really didn't have a spot for me, so I ended up sitting in the press/industry section, which was actually pretty close. David Fury's family was actually sitting right behind me. His kids are actually really cute.

Anyway, we watched the first episode of Lost, and I was pretty impressed. I think I will watch next season just to find out what the creepy things are in the forest. Also, Emilie de Ravin (Tess!) was in the episode, and cuter than ever. Agent Sean also played a brief part in the episode. Then, the panelists came out to see us.

See the pretty pictures.Collapse )

After the panel, we went to go see Corey Feldman and Corey Haim. Actually, I didn't stay for that long because I wanted to get a good seat for the Star Wars thing.

Pictures of the CoreysCollapse )

At the Star Wars thing, they told us we weren't allowed to take any pictures whatsoever of any thing in any manner or we could get busted or something. But before the presentation began, they let us take pictures of all of the many freaks fans dressed up in costume and circulating the all.

Several pictures of Star Wars peopleCollapse )
They showed us some stuff from the upcoming DVD release of the original trilogy. It looks really cool. They also had Carrie Fisher come out and say hi to us. After that, I left because I wanted to get a good seat at the Smallville and Farscape things. Also, I knew they were going to show some clips from episode three, and I really want to keep myself unspoiled for that. I did hear later on that they revealed the name of episode three: Revenge of the Sith.

Smallville panelists included Millar, Gough, Erica Durance (who will be playing Lois Lane in upcoming episodes), John Glover, Allison Mack, and others.

See the one picture I got of this panel. Collapse )</center>

So, I think that Chloe is really dead. Allison kept on saying that Chloe was dead. I really don't want to believe it because Chloe was actually one of my favorite characters. Anyway, they did not really get very spoilery about the following season, which I think is good. They mentioned some stuff that was going to happen, and sometimes I am amazed at how incredibly clueless these guys can be, but whatever.

Then we stayed in the same spot (since we were pretty much front row) to see the Farscape thing.

Read and see more about Farscape.Collapse )

I then rushed to see if I could sneak a peak at the Jude Law panel. They were promoting the movie Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow which really looks cool.

PicturesCollapse )

For the last panel we attended, Cecilia managed to get me probably one of the best seats in the entire place: front row center. That was very cool.

a couple of pictures of Sarah Michelle Gellar and Jason BehrCollapse )

The Grudge looks like it is going to be really scary. Like, totally super scary.

Anyway, by the end of the convention I was really tired of people starting to ask their questions with, "omg! I am such a huge fan of your work! I have watched every single movie you have ever been in! You are totally my hero!" I don't know why, but I think it's kind of embarrassing.

We were going to go see Mark Hamill, but we were just way too tired. So after that, we went home. And, when I went home, I found out that my room had been significantly altered. It is now much bigger! My dad took down the fake wall and set my room up so it is totally huge. Very exciting!