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What's up with me.
This is my last official day of freedom since I start school tomorrow. I'm going to be taking English 103 Critical Thinking. It is a night class running from 5:30 PM-7:50 PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays. How fun! (Except, well, not.) I will enjoy taking the class, but the time of day that I take the class has a lot to be desired. I will be having the same teacher as last year, which I'm really excited about. This is also pretty exciting for me because this is the last class I need to take to graduate with my associate of arts! Yay! And they say that six years of community college doesn't have its rewards.

I also applied to Cal State San Marcos today online. That was time-consuming, but pretty cool. I'm excited to finally be going to a school that's not, as my little sister puts it, "loser-ish." I will also be going to school full-time, which I haven't done since before my accident. I'll be going down there twice a week and taking at least 12 credits! At once! Wow!

I should be getting my new van sometime really soon. That will be great since my old van is really on its last legs. The sliding door doesn't even shut like it is supposed to anymore. Plus, oil comes out of it like it's some Middle Eastern country, and it's been making some scary sounds lately. But, my new van is going to be so awesome. I will be able to sit in the front seat! And I will actually be able to see out the window! And, maybe my ramp will actually be quiet enough for me to talk to someone else at the same time that I am going into the van! Totally cool.

Also, some people came over today and did some framing work or something on my room. It looks really cool, and they didn't even take a long time. Totally pro. So, my room is somewhat coming along. I just need some stupid nail inspection, and then actual drywall can be put on the walls and ceiling! Then, my room can be painted! I picked this awesome light pink color. I did some research and found out that pink had the most healing properties with the least amount of negative properties. Plus, I like pink.

In not so good news, my good friend Cecilia is moving away to school on the 29th! I don't know what I am going to do! And, to add to that, one of my other really cool friends (that I have just barely gotten to know) is going away on a mission on September 8! Boo! That's not going to be fun for me, at all. But maybe I will be able to concentrate more fully on school. Yeah, that's what I'm going to tell myself. School!

A picture of Charity, myself, and Cecilia.

Anyway, I have finally made myself a little list of which TV shows I'm going to be watching this year. They are here. I feel like something is missing, though. Probably because Alias doesn't start until January.

I still have my list of top 10 favorite CDs of all-time, which I have narrowed down, but not posted, and I also have a nice little review to post.