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The first week of school.
California bear
The first week of school has been good. My teacher decided to go with "Love and Relationships" as her theme, which could prove uncomfortable. But, I am confident that I can get an A, which is cool. I kind of wish that the "project" was a little more open-ended, and allowed for more creativity, but I can understand limiting it to a single prompt.

In other news, my sister Kristine has just started up a brand-new club at her high school: the creative writing club. How cool is she? I know that's sort of a rhetorical question, but I'm going to tell you: very, extremely cool! They are also going to try to create a literary magazine for their club. That is going to be so awesome. Way awesome. She is going to be the first president and editor of the club. Plus, she is totally happy about leaving something behind that will stay there at her high school. Way awesome.

I watched the gymnastics and swimming last night. That was fun, but I always get stressed out for the poor gymnasts. Back in the day, I couldn't even do a backflip on our trampoline for fear of breaking my neck. Which, hindsightedly, is sort of funny, but I'm always really scared for them, especially on the balance beam. It is fun to watch, especially because we could fast-forward through all of the (very many) commercials. Go USA!

In my class, we are learning all about what it takes to become a critical thinker, and while I think I am already a pretty good critical thinker, some definitions of "critical thinking" (as described by my book) sort of irk me. For example, my book says that "critical thinkers regard problems and controversial issues as exciting challenges." And, I, for some reason don't regard controversial issues as "exciting challenges" -- or even "challenges" at all. A challenge, to me, is something that you can beat, something that you can win, a conquerable thing. Controversial issues? Are totally not. I don't think that someday I am going to come up with the ultimate solution that satisfies everyone when it comes to abortion, gay marriage, or gun control. These are not issues that are "challenges" -- they are challenging issues -- but they are never going to be solved one way or the other in a way that would satisfy everyone. Therefore, controversial subjects waste my time. Maybe that makes me a poor thinker, but I would rather be a poor thinker than someone who engages in meaningless debates that are never going to be solved.

Tonight, my friends Cecilia and Charity are coming over and we are going to watch Joan of Arcadia. This will actually be the fourth time I have watched the series from start to finish, but it really is good enough that I am not going to be bored or wishing to be doing something else.

Did you know that the first season of The OC is coming out on DVD this October? Yesterday, I pre-ordered on Amazon, which saved me $20.99. But, so many DVDs are coming out lately that I am not going to be able to purchase them all. I think my Christmas list is going to be really long. But, I been a good girl this year, and I should get exactly what I ask for, right? ;-)

Well, I have a lot to do. I better get working.