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Random list update

  1. My mom and dad's 25th anniversary was yesterday! Yay, parents! My parents had the following conversational exchange:

    Mom: So, what do you think of the last 25 years?
    Dad: I think I like you, and I will keep you.


  2. Last Friday, I saw Down with Love with my friend David, and I really enjoyed it, even though I'm not really a fan of Renée Zellweger (hopefully, I put the accent mark on the right E).

  3. Friday was also the birthday party of Cecilia. I decided to fashion a quadriplegic troll doll to give to her in addition to my other present (Roswell season one DVDs). I took pictures (well, picture) and I should post it, because that thing turned out pretty cute. After she told me goodbye on Saturday I cried. It was a really sad moment for me.

  4. On Saturday, though, I went and saw King Arthur with my friend Dave (different from my friend David) and my little brother and Sarah and some of her friends. I thought it was reasonably good, but was happy that I waited to see it in the cheapy theater. Kiera Knightley is hot. Dave thought she was the hottest with the battle paint and war bikini, but I really liked her in the blue dress the most.

  5. My little brother spoke in church last Sunday, and he did a really good job.

  6. After concealing to my sister Kristine that there was a mouse in the house for about (at least) a month, he finally surprised her while she was in the bathroom on Monday morning. Luckily, we killed the little guy this morning with a mouse trap. (For the record, I hate that we have to trap mice like this, but I would rather have a sane sister than alive mice.)

  7. I am finally caught up in my history class. I took the two quizzes that I needed to take, and hopefully I did well on the essay parts. On the multiple-choice, I did not do that great. I hate multiple-choice.

  8. My dad cooked chicken tonight and smells really good. I think I'm going to make someone give me some.