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(no subject)
California bear
You know what's really cool? Warranties. Warranties are awesome. Especially when you use them. It really makes the extra $50 seem worth it. My Dell projector flaked out on me (for the second time) and I had to call last Saturday and ask for a replacement. The cool thing is I have a brand-new shiny one right now. My warranty doesn't expire until January 15, 2006. Although I hope I don't have to use it again, I'm glad have the option.

My first English paper which I turned in last Thursday received a "see me" for a grade, which means I have to redo it. Well, I knew it wasn't a good paper. I could tell because I didn't want to post it where people could read it. That is usually a sign that something sucks -- when you don't want anyone else to see it.

I was somehow mentally retarded enough to miss Everwood yesterday night. I managed to download it, though. Technology! I love it so much I think it will marry it, but I will keep my last name the same since I don't like the way "Kim Technology" sounds.

I'm off to watch the show now. Yay!