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Stupid, stupid ads234
Ads234.com is ruining my life!!!1!!

I hate them! They make my Internet experience stupid! Die! I even tried to e-mail the people in charge of this horrible, awful, horrible, sadistic and rude browser hijacker, and, of course, they gave an invalid e-mail on their whois information. Then, I tried calling the number listed, and, you guessed it -- totally bogus number. If anyone knows how I can permanently eliminate them from my life I will write a poem about your eternal greatness. And a good one, too. I will actually think of awesome rhymes! I will use my skills!

Also, does anyone know how to make screen captures from like Windows media player or RealPlayer or QuickTime or anything like that? I'm retarded and I need help!

Next week is going to be cool with all of the new TV that's going on! Oh yes! Yeah, I thought I would end on a positive note.