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My life as a web designer.
After like eight months of not updating my Smallville site, I did some work on it and now The Many Differing Effects of Kryptonite is now current! Go me! Just before the season premiere! Which, depressingly, means that this page will only be current for another two days.

Speaking of web page development, the other day this band I work for -- Take Out -- fired me from doing their web page. So, go see all of my glorious hard work before they "improve" it by making it look like a third-grader made the page using Microsoft Word. OK, perhaps that was a little harsh. I am in a harsh mood right now.

My speakers aren't working. It could be my sound card, or maybe a wire, I mean, cable is unplugged somewhere. Boo!

Farscape help!
I am trying to catch my friend Dave up to what is happening on Farscape before the miniseries airs. I don't have time to watch everything, but I do want to include the essential episodes. Am I excluding things I need to include, or including things I need to exclude? Below is a list of episodes I am NOT planning to show him.

Throne for a Loss
Back in Back and Back to the Future
Rhapsody in Blue?
Jeremiah Crichton
Through the Looking Glass?
Bone to Be Wild
Dream a Little Dream
Vitas Mortis
Taking the Stone
Picture If You Will
Home on the Remains
My Three Crichtons
Different Destinations
Natural Election
I Shrink...
Coup by Clam
Twice Shy

It was extremely hard going through the third season episodes and trying to eliminate episodes. They all seem so vital, but if there is one I've missed that I can get away with not showing, please let me know.