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LJ coolness.
Yay! LJ spam day!

Sunday I posted my massive TV post, which includes brief summaries and commentary for all of the new TV. I know some people don't really keep up on weekends.

And, on Saturday I posted an embarrassing web page I made in 1997, and Moody Blues available for download. That's pretty cool.

  • I love Ken Jennings, and I was surprised, but happy that there is an LJ community hopelessly devoted to him. He returns tonight, or tomorrow night if you're on the West Coast like me and have stupid Monday night football interfering with Jeopardy! (this was mostly for you, requited.)

  • I am reading Little Lord Fauntleroy right now. I have never read it before, but it is really cute. Here is the link to the entire book, if you're interested.

  • Not this weekend, but last weekend, my sister brought home the Star Wars original trilogy on DVD. She got a discount since she works at Hollywood Video -- $43! Awesome. But, did you know they changed the ending of Return of the Jedi? Yep. Instead of the old guy Anakin ghost, they changed it to Episode III Hayden Christiansen Anakin. Perverse? Or not? I was flabbergasted. Lucas, man, so smart yet so dumb at the same time.

    Anyway, I had a really great time watching Empire Strikes Back in Spanish. Hehe.

  • I really want to post my top 10 favorite CDs of all time. Maybe I will do that later on today.

  • I like all my LJ friends. You guys are awesome!

  • I might get my new van this week, even. Woot!

  • I saw The Forgotten last Friday with my mom. It totally exceeded my expectations. I give it a good solid 94%. Go see it!

  • Sports poll.

    Do you follow sports?

    Can't get enough!
    You mean like gymnastics and ice-skating? -- yes.
    Not really.
    Only when sports nuts ambush me and make me listen to them.
    Only one sport.

    Check mark following professional sports you are interested in:


    Professional wrestling?

    Funny, and yes, I watch.
    Funny, but I would rather stare at a blank wall.
    Hey, it's actually good!
    Do not watch and do not think it is funny.

    Did you ever play sports for school, church, community or somewhere else? Please let me know what you played!

    Top 10 CD List.
    The long awaited Top 10 CD List from Kim has finally arrived! My top 10 are below, in no particular order. All downloadable music is in MP3 format, and please feel free to download any and all. You don't need to comment if you take, but please comment if you like what you take!

  • Never-ending Story Soundtrack [1984]
    Like many other people, loving Never Ending Story was an influential part of my childhood (as further evidenced by this entry). I love this soundtrack too because it brings back those happy childhood memories of watching this incredible movie.

    MP3s available for download:
    The Never-ending Story Theme Song [1.6MB]
    Theme of Sadness [1.2MB]

    Favorite tracks: I love basically the entire CD, treasuring each song except for "Sleepy Dragon" which I don't recognize as being from the movie. It is not a bad song, but is mostly ambient on a primarily melodic soundtrack.

  • West Side Story Soundtrack [1957]
    Whenever I listen to this soundtrack, I can never decide which I love more: the music or the lyrics. They work so well together and individually. It also reminds me of one of my high school "boyfriends" Ben Broyles because we saw this play together and it really was a phenomenal production.

    MP3s available for download:
    Tonight! [1.8MB]

    Favorite tracks: I love the CD (which I should specify is the original Broadway soundtrack and not the 1960 movie version) so much. I really love "Something's Coming" because the lyrics are pure genius, and the subject is also great. I know, basically, in every musical there's got to be that song, you know, the one that says "I know I'm just lowly person but I crave more for my life!" But this one was really great. "There's something due any day, I will know right away, soon as it shows! I got a feeling there is a miracle due, gonna come true, waiting for me!"

    Another favorite is "There's a Place For Us," which is so haunting and sad, but I think touches everyone who's ever been in love. And I also love "One Heart, One Hand" which is so pretty melodically, and also beautiful on an emotional and technical level.

  • Radiohead -- The Bends [1995]
    This takes me straight back to high school. It makes me remember the transitory feelings I had, the feeling that nothing was permanent. It's not a particularly good feeling, but a very real feeling. I even wrote about my frustration about this particular topic in one of my journals, complaining that I couldn't shop for my Christmas list a year in advance because everything could easily change in a year -- too easily.

    Favorite tracks: I have to say my favorite is easily "Street Spirit (Fade Out)" which is available for download. [3.9MB]

    Also available for download is The Bends [3.8MB]

  • The Cranberries -- No Need to Argue [1994]
    This is one of the first CDs that I ever listened to where I loved every single song on the CD. Some of the songs on the CD are really weird, but I was inspired by the weirdness, as it was 1994 and I was really beginning to form my musical identity. Before this time, I was all about Aerosmith -- which is okay, and also -- Mariah Carey. I feel kind of dirty admitting that. *shudders* I guess it's understandable, though. I was the oldest child and my parents didn't really listen to anything that was recorded past 1970. I didn't really have any good friends until 1994 to guide me.

    Favorite tracks: "Ode to My Family," "Zombie," "Dreaming My Dreams," and "No Need to Argue."

    Available for download: Zombie [4.7MB]

  • Cardigans -- Gran Turismo [1998]
    This CD is probably my favorite CD of all time. All of the tracks are excellent. I really don't know why it wasn't more popular. Maybe some of you remember the song "My Favorite Game" which was on the radio briefly at the end of 1998. It also appeared in a first season episode of Roswell, though it was just in the background of the Crashdown, and not prominently featured. I actually bought the CD because I had heard this song on the radio and thought it was mind blowing. Now, buying an entire CD because you like one song is a risky proposition, but I benefited greatly from this risk.

    There are songs that I like less than others, but on the whole, there is not one song on the CD that I dislike.

    My favorite tracks: "Paralyzed," "Erase/Rewind," "Explode," and "My Favorite Game." I especially love "Paralyzed," which, when I was not paralyzed, ironically enough, I loved dancing to.

    Available for download: Paralyzed [4.5MB], Explode [3.9MB], My Favorite Game [3.3MB].

  • K's Choice -- Paradise in Me [1996]
    Another one of those good old high school CD memories. "Not an Addict" was the featured song that got me to buy this album, and I was pleasantly surprised. Every track is awesome. This CD actually reminds me of my job at Subway (definitely one of my favorite jobs), because I purchased the CD at about the same time I was working there.

    My favorite tracks: "Song for Catherine," "Iron Flower," "To This Day," "Wait," and "Not an Addict."

    Available for download: Wait [4.7MB], Not an Addict [4.4MB], Iron Flower [4.3MB]

  • Alice in Chains -- Facelift [1990]
    I actually did not get into this album until the summer/fall after I graduated high school. Even though I don't like every single song on the album, the ones I do like I like A LOT. They helped me get into the groove of college life, and, I don't know, pushed me forward so I could actually get on with my life.

    My favorite tracks: "Sunshine," "Love Hate Love," "Sea of Sorrow," "I Can't Remember."

    Available for download: Sunshine [4.1MB] -- I highly recommend downloading this one. I mean, if you decide only to download one of the songs on this page, this would be the one to download. I love Layne Staley's voice. I swear, he and I are connected. Well, he's actually dead right now, but, total connection.

  • Mad Season -- Above [1995]
    I didn't get into this album until 1997, but it is good. I think it might be out of print right now, but it is a rockin' album. It's Alice in Chains + Pearl Jam + Screaming Trees. Good times for all.

    My favorite tracks: "Wake Up," "Long Gone Day," "I'm Above," and "River of Deceit."

    Available for download: Wake Up [3.04MB] -- A very mellow song which sort of builds in intensity, and then mellows out toward the end again. A download you will not regret.

  • Second Coming -- Second Coming [1998]
    OK, it sounds like a Christian rock band, but it is not. Well, for technical information I am just going to quote someone from Amazon.com who says exactly what I think:
    When I first heard "Soft" on the radio, I thought to myself, "This is really good stuff." However, I never buy an album on the strength of one song, so I didn't consider purchasing Second Coming's debut until I heard "Vintage Eyes" and immediately fell in love with Travis Bracht's hauntingly beautiful voice and powerful lyrics. The rest of the album is equally awesome, blending heavy guitar riffs with orchestral arrangements and tribal chants. Although Second Coming was obviously influenced by earlier grunge acts like the Nixons and Alice in Chains, they have a unique sound that appealed to this heavy metal fanatic who also happens to like classical music! I highly recommend this album to grunge fans especially, but everyone should love it because it's just that great.

    The only difference is actually will buy a CD if I really like one song. This CD I think is in the process of being reprinted, or just reprinted. It's a great CD.

    My favorite tracks: "Vintage Eyes," "The Song," "Travesty," and "War."

    Available for download: Vintage Eyes [3.9MB] -- If I were ever to do a Michael Guerin (from Roswell) character study music video it would be to this song. Love!

  • Weezer -- Weezer [1994]
    This was another beginning of high school CD. I really loved their sound because it sounded kind of old -- as in "oldies" but still had that edge that made it something really new. I wasn't particularly fond of the first single "Buddy Holly" but I like pretty much all of the rest of the songs. Listening to this again 10 years later, makes me wonder why I didn't like "Buddy" because it also was a really good song.

    My favorite tracks: "The World Has Turned and Left Me Here," "Say It Ain't so," and "Only in Dreams."

    Available for download: The World Has Turned and Left Me Here [10MB]