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I am going to be in community college forever.
It has been a busy couple of days. Loving the TV, but unfortunately, I have some rather crappy news.

The person evaluating my transcripts at my college has just informed me that my political science class that I took in Arizona does not transfer over to California, because California's political science classes have "California elements" that are necessary or something. Cal State schools will not accept a political science class taken from another state.

Seeing as I am supposed to be transferring to Cal State school in spring 2005, this is a major problem. I am especially pissed off because I have gone into the counselor office at my school multiple times, and every time they have talked to me, they have said that my political science class would count. Now I have to get into a fast-track class which is good and bad. The good news is that we actually have a fast-track class, and it is at the campus closest to my house, but the bad news is the class actually lasts for five hours on Friday afternoon, and seven hours on Saturday, and I have already missed four classes. In the other good news is the class only lasts until November 6, which is bad news again, because I have missed just about half of the classes already.

I am going to go and attempt to enroll in this class by getting permission later on this afternoon.

Stupid counselors. I am so mad I could spit.