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The funness of life. Yes, I just made up that word.
This weekend I spent at school Friday night and Saturday morning. If you ask me, that's gotta be a really bad combination. The teacher there was totally super nice and is going to let me into the class. So, I am making everything up by next class which is going to be a little bit tricky.

I am going to be leaving really soon to go and register for the class officially since I couldn't do it on Friday. They close everything down on Friday at like 12 o'clock noon. I'm also going to the DSPS office so I can set up my "disabilities" whatever for this semester, and sign up to take a test on Thursday. They also have to buy books. And, I have to talk to some lady named Cheryl about my transcripts and graduation. Apparently, I don't have enough credits or something. I don't care what I have to do, but I 'm going to graduate this semester or die!

The Internet has also been really crappy lately. My dad says it is the cable modem, so hopefully when we replace it today, it will be better.

My sister, Kristine has been having friend issues lately. So, if someone says they are your friend, will they do any of the following things:
  • loudly announce that they are going to lunch with another friend and pointedly not ask you
  • when they find out that one of their friends is talking to you or wanting to hang out with you, they go to that person and talk about some in joke that excludes you
  • do things that they know annoys you, and look at you challengingly to tell them to stop

    Anyway, that really sucks for her. I just want to make her feel better, but I am really bad at comforting people when they are sobbing hysterically. What also sucks, is this person that is being mean to her is normally a really sweet, big hearted, and caring person. My whole family really likes her a lot, which further breaks my sister's heart. I would say that her friend does not have a soul except for that I know she does, and that sort of breaks my heart, too.

    In other news, my sister-in-law is in the hospital again with her CF.

    There is some good news, though: the van people called and said that my van is ready for me to pick up! The bad news is that my dad probably won't be able to help us get it until next week.