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(no subject)
This weekend class is sort of killing me. On Friday, I went to my brother's football game, but I got really sick with stupid autonomic dysreflexia. My mom had to take me home before we could even see him play. Then I had to get out of the wheelchair, into the bed, my mom fixed me, and then back into the wheelchair, back into the van, and on to school. I was sort of crying, well, I was really crying, but managed to keep it under control for the class. My teacher has been so nice about everything, and I was over an hour late. I felt like such a loser, and a bad student. Then, at the end of class my wheelchair stopped working. Nice, huh? My mom rescued me, though -- for the second time that day.

Saturday school was exciting. I got stuck in the elevator. That's exciting, right? A girl from my class walked me to the elevator, pressed the button and then got out, so I was all alone. The elevator doesn't work like that, though. You have to actually push the button after the door is closed. Eventually, the elevator went back down to the first floor, but I was still trapped. I then spotted the "open elevator doors" button and observed that it was very close to my hand rest. So I aligned the hand rest up with the button and turned my chair, and the door opened. I am so resourceful. Who knows how long I could have been stuck in that elevator!?

And, hey, did you know that I am taking a political science class? I kind of forgot about this, but they actually talk about politics quite a lot in that class. So much for being politically indifferent, right? Now I'm actually going to be an informed voter! Well, I was going to be informed, before, but now I am going to know a lot more than my Internet searches would have produced. I am also supposed to do a research paper on the USA Patriot Act. And, I'm supposed to take a stance. Yikes! That's going to be tricky.

I'm going to do a poll question, but first let me put the scenario before you. You're at an airport. You are very excited about your first trip to Hawaii. A mean looking woman (who works at the airport) searches you. The search is very embarrassing! Afterwards, you sort of feel violated. However, the man behind you is subject to the same search, and it is revealed that he was planning on hijacking the plane and crashing it into some Big Important Building.

You would rather:

Be sort of embarrassed, but alive.
Be dead than subjected to such a violation of my Civil Liberties.

I know that it is not as cut and dry as that... but I don't know. I actually haven't found my stance yet.

My sister just renamed her cat Ping-Pong. The cat's old name was Kokoum. She says that he likes it much better because right when she says it, he purrs. She also wrote the song for him and I'm going to include the lyrics for humorous purposes.


Without you, the nights are long... Ping-Pong

We will never smoke a bong... Ping-Pong

You are never wrong... Ping-Pong

We don't like Cheech and Chong... Ping-Pong.

I also think that there was a verse about Hong Kong, but I can't remember the words exactly.

I am pretty excited that my friend Justin (ddh) might come to visit before he goes to Europe. I also had to call his friend to make sure that everything is kosher about Europe. I will be doing that tomorrow. I don't think I ever called another country before; not even Canada. So this'll be new.

Last night I had a dream that my youngest sister was an astronaut/scientist and we were exploring our solar system and regulating the atmosphere of the different planets by injecting this gigantic hypodermic needle from the spaceship into the planet's core. Trippy, yes?

Anyhow, that is all I got. Except, if you talked about Peacekeeper Wars II, could you tell me so I could go back and read your entries?