October 26th, 2004


On Everwood and ice-skating.

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Friday, my sister and I had a Hilary Duff night. We watched A Cinderella Story and The Lizzie Mcguire Movie. I really liked the first one, but fell asleep 15 minutes into the second one. I watched it on Sunday, though. Hilary Duff is short.

Last night, my mom, my two sisters and I watched ice-skating I had recorded from Sunday night. It was good. We were all very happy that the hottest guy (some French skater named Brian something) won. Except for Kristine, who thought that this one American skater we nicknamed Chachi was hotter. Our biases also have a lot to do with how much we like their outfits. If an outfit is original and manly, we will be strongly pulling for that competitor, but if he outfit is generic or frilly (for guys) we don't really want them to win.