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I get political...
For the three or so people that watch Veronica Mars that are reading this, if Veronica's mom looked familiar, it was because she also played the mom of the cystic fibrosis boy on a couple of episodes of Joan of Arcadia (you know, but one that died). That was driving me crazy, so I thought I would share the news.

I'm getting really tired of politics, especially since I have to learn about them at school, too. Does anyone else just want this entire election thing to be over with!? Regardless of who wins? Personally, I have my preferences, but if I don't get my way, it isn't a big deal. I'm not going to throw a fit or become emotionally upset or whatever. It's not because I don't care, well, I kind of don't care a little bit, but it is mostly because I value my mental and emotional sanity. I'm going to advise anyone who reads this to take the same measures.

We are all hopeful of who will win, or maybe anxious about who will lose. Whoever wins, I am going to support him. Even if it is someone that I disagree with. And I hate dangling participles, don't you? Anyway, for your own mental and emotional sanity, picture the world with your candidate of choice as the loser, and lower your expectations about the winner. This way, you aren't going to go into a fiery rage and start tearing off your house's wallpaper if your candidate loses, and if he wins, all the better.

Either way, it is still America, and it is still the land we all love, right? The president may have a lot of power, but he's not a dictator. If you disagree with whoever gets elected, you can still write to your Congresspeople to make a difference. That's what's so great about America. I learned about this in my political science class, and it's all about Civil Rights and Civil Liberties. We have a lot of them, and no one person or entity has the power to be tyrannical, and misuse them. Because I really don't do politics all that much, I'm going to put in here for my own references a great article about social injustice. This is probably one of the only things that makes real sense to me.

Anyway, until next time...