October 31st, 2004


(no subject)

On Friday, I got my new van. Yes! It is so, so pretty. I don't know, I have never had anything so nice before, and it is just mind-boggling. The inside is gray, and it actually has an air-conditioning/heating system that WORKS! It is so nice. I will have to post some pictures for you guys later.

School is still pretty much killing me. I am working really hard, though, and I think that it will pay off. I only have one more week of my political science class, so that's good.

I have to share this funny conversation that was had at my house between my sisters, and my mom.

Kellie comes into the room.

KELLIE: Do you know what is so special about me?

KRISTINE: You're hot!

KELLIE: No, I wish! The special thing about me is that I use four different types of lotion!

[Kristine and I totally start laughing]

KRISTINE: Why does that make you special?

[Kellie glares at Kristine]

MOM: What kinds of lotion do you use, Kellie?

KELLIE: You see that, Kristine, that's the type of question that's actually smart to ask.

She then proceeded to tell us all about her four different types of lotion, and I think she made us smell the mint scented one.

I got The OC DVDs I had pre-ordered from Amazon on Thursday. I haven't watched any of the special features yet, but I look forward to doing so when the madness of school ends.