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Political science: finally over.
California bear
My political science class is finally over! Yay! Now I have time to do stuff! (By doing "stuff," I mean watching TV. At least with a free conscience.) I still don't know what grade I have in the class. I have to have had at least 161 points out of 200 on my final exam in order to score at least 90% as a final grade. I really hate Bs. Ech! So, I really hope I get at least 90%.

Saturday, after my class I saw Cellular with my little brother and my friend Sarah. I really liked, so I'm going to recommend it. It should be coming out on DVD pretty soon. Let me check... it doesn't get released until January 18, 2005.

Do you ever go to imdb.com for a specific reason, get sidetracked by either the stupid news headlines or some other news and in the middle, and then completely forget what you were there for? I do too.

In Burbank related news, I am most likely going to be making it for all day Friday, so that should be totally rad. I'm going to try for Saturday, but no guarantees.

On Saturday, I got my eyebrows waxed. It was a great experience, and I would recommend it to anyone. Even if you don't think you need eyebrow maintenance, it could be a great onetime experience. Seriously, look into it.

And now for a poll:

Paris Hilton?